Monday, 2 July 2012


The majority of Saturday was spent moving into my new flat in Southfields. My dad was kind enough to come up from his house to help with the day (as his car is a decent size). The day went well, however I'll be honest in saying my organising prior to the moving day was not to scratch, therefore a majority of rushing on the day happened. Thankfully all my belongings had been transfered into the new flat by 4pm. Where I then proceeded in blitzing my room to make it look relatively organised.

I am already in love with my new flat, and the surrounding area. The new flat feels so much nicer compared to all the previous places I have lived during and after university. The surrounding improves my love for the flat even more, transport to work is perfect. And we are just a small bus ride to Putney or Wimbledon, I think I am going to enjoy my time in this flat ever so much. I will feel a bit more part of London.

Here is some photos from the moving day curtesy of Instagram.

Load one! 

Load two, can't forget the toilet roll!

My old room in Kingston, it looks so smal compared to my new one
MH x

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