Friday, 6 July 2012

Film Review Friday [The Amazing Spiderman, 2012]

Wednesday night (Orange Wednesdays of course!) myself and Lauren went to the cinema see The Amazing Spiderman.

The entire film is a fantastic adaption from the comic book, and of course due to such a quick turn around after the latest adaptation from Tobey Maquire it's understandable comparisons are going to be made, however I will try and keep them to a minimum. 

I believe Andrew Garfield's performance as Spiderman was a good choice, he played the geeky Peter Parker well and made it believable, adding this slight cool edge to the character, perhaps making many of the younger men in the audience want to be him. Andrew did not play up the performance, making Peter Parker look like a true pathetic human which I believe came across too strong in the previous versions with Tobey Maquires (Thats one comparison).

From the start it was clear the film was going to be focused more on Peter Parker's life story, giving the audience that important background to give a stronger connection with the character. The balance between the action and the transformation of Peter into Spiderman mixed with his personal life was executed well. For instance once Peter had been bitten from the mutant spider, the transformation was not instant. Consideration was taken into showing Peter struggle with these new indescribable powers and further into his control and utilising. Furthermore with this development process I was glad to see his trademark spiderwebs were shown through Peter designing and making his own device to shoot the webs, mimicking the comic book (I have never understood the reason behind Maquires films to have the webs simply come out his wrists giving a sense of true mutation, and apologies for a second comparison).

The film took many elements from the comic books, which I wont be able to list them all as I have never read the comics. However situations in certain scenes looked far fetched, and the words 'thats ridiculous' came to mind. In fact the thought itself was ridiculous, the film is an adaption of the comic book, therefore they were perfect. These far fetched situations were highly noticeable with some scenes, you could practically take a screenshot of some action sequences and plot them into a comic book with no fuss, resulting in some entertaining gritty cinematics. Which I believe were not ultilised in the previous adaptations, all three seemed to be Hollywoodised (it's a word now...) and too much about showing off the huge budgets (okay thats the last comparison).

Where as The Amazing Spiderman took away the glitz and glamour....yes the visuals looked amazing, however it was more about the character development, giving you more of an explanation into who Spiderman is, perhaps giving the newer fans of Spiderman to watch the film and not worry about if they need to know about previous plots in the comic books. It's open and enjoyable for the masses, not the niche.

MH x

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