Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Tuesday's App Today [Food Spotting]

This app has been around for a year or so now (could be even more), and I had it on my iPhone for a month or so last year, until I found no more use for the app.

However, the other evening me and my girlfriend were going out for a meal after I had finished work. Throughout the day we were trying to decide on a nice bar or restaurant to eat at. Due to working in Soho I was looking to find somewhere a bit more exclusive and not a typical chain.

Upon looking on the app store I stumbled across Food Spotting, and remembered having it previously installed. I downloaded the app on the off chance, and straight away I discovered a steak house round the corner from my office, which I had never heard of.

The app is based on users submitting photos of their meals at certain restaurants all over the world. Of course you enter your location and you can search for places around you. Because these are all users submissions you tend to trust their judgements more...lets be honest, the general public are more truthful with their opinions.

Finding these new places to eat comes easy with the three tabs; Best, Nearby and Latest. You are just one click away (just like myself) from discovering something new. I believe I wouldn't have discovered the steak house if I didn't have the app. Unfortunately we didn't attend the restaurant, however I will definitely attend another night.

With the use photos you can instantly judge whether the place is going to be good or bad, the photos are more truthful compared to what you find in menus, and restaurant windows.

If you are completely stuck one evening on where to have dinner on a night out, then I certainly suggest you download Food Spotting. The user interface is quick and easy to use, and more importantly the design is really nice.

MH x

Monday, 30 July 2012

We went to the beach!

For a while now me and Lauren have been wanting to spend a day out in Brighton town, as the weather has taken a turn for the better, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity for a visit.

We took the train down from Clapham Junction on Saturday at around midday, and I was surprised at how quickly the train journey was. And why I haven't taken this trip before (yes...this was my first day out in Brighton). We got into Brighton town and headed straight for the lanes to look in all the great vintage/retro and antique shops. I was loving every minute of it, and with the great weather this helped a lot. 

All the vintage shops had some great clothes, especially Beyond Retro. Unfortunately my finances are a little low at the moment, therefore no item of clothing was purchased. However I will definitely be going down again with some money behind me, and a plan to what clothes I want to hunt down. 

We of course did all the touristy/English stuff whilst in Brighton, having a bag of chips on the beach, shortly followed by an ice cream. And of course went in the sea....only our feet! 

Have to be honest sand would have better ;)

Got my chalksticks out! 
Some of the graffiti was fantastic! 
I loved how British the area felt

The whole time I was there I could picture myself living there, with the short journey to London I could easily get to work okay. Although the sunshine helped with these thoughts as it made the area looked great. I am sure (like most places) it would be pretty miserable in the winter months. 

The whole day was lovely, I loved every minute and I can't wait to go again. 

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Super Busy Chicks NEW FORMAT

At the end of Monday's post I mentioned we had filmed in a new location for Super Busy Chicks. Well as today is Wednesday you can now see our newest episode with the new kitchen, and brand new format.

We believe this new format is what the show needed. This makes the stronger with the structure, and giving the audience a real idea on how the show works. We hope you like it, and please leave some feedback, we are always looking to improve. 

Also, along with the new format we have finally set up the social networks. 


Please like and follow the pages, and also subscribe to our Youtube channel. 


MH x 

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Tech Tuesday: Noisy Typer

Sometimes on the internet you find custom software that are free to download, that look like they would be a laugh for a maximum or a day or two. 

The people over at FAT Lab have created a piece of software that runs in the background to turn all your typing programs (Word, Pages, Internet browsers...etc) to have the sounds of a typewriter with whatever ever you type. The sounds include; letter keys, spacebar, backspace, carriage return and scroll up and down. 

The software is a simple download and procedure to install the software to run on your machine instantly for endless fun...well for maybe a week. At the moment this software only capatable with Mac OS (W'hey!)

You can download the software here.

And watch the video of how responsive and comical the software is.

Let me know if you have downloaded this software, and how much fun you are having. 

MH x 

Monday, 23 July 2012

The Weekend [21 + 22nd July]

Friday evening my mum and brother made the journey up to London to see my new flat, and spend a day out the following day. Lauren also joined in with the fun and games. The Friday night was chilled with a few beers and a Chinese takeaway, this was the first one in my new flat. I'll be honest and say it was terrible, so I wont be ordering from there again.

The Saturday was a full on day, we started off with trying to get a look at the Olympic stadium, of course was a difficult task. Luckily thanks for John Lewis in in the new Westfield's it was possible to get an improved view.

It actually looks amazing!
However, I was more excited with the
Lego version in John Lewis
I was glad to have finally seen the Olympic park, it all looks great. However I will definitely be staying clear during the Olympics. The Saturday we went was busy, so I dread to think how the area will be during the Olympics. Of course if I had the money I would certainly attend, and try and see a lot of event throughout how many weeks it's on with a VIP experience.

After a look around Stratford we headed off to one of my favourite parts of London, Shoreditch. As my brother was with me I wanted to show him around as he's never seen the area (I've already shown my mum). I think my brother enjoyed the feel of the area, with the nice architecture mixing old and new, and of course the great vintage shops. We arrived just after the Olympic torch had went through, therefore the atmosphere was fantastic. We ended the day in the Shoreditch chilling out on the Boxpark.

Sunday was a 'Super Busy Day'. We set up at a new location in Ealing to film the next batch of episodes for Super Busy Chicks. The day was extremely successful and I can't wait to show you these new episodes, thankfully the first one is only two days away. We have changed the format slightly, making the show look a lot more professional. It's all very exciting stuff. WATCH THIS SPACE. 

The new kitchen is great!
Wow that was a long post. 

MH x

Friday, 20 July 2012


This week myself and Lauren were not able to watch a film that we both haven't seen, however we did start our preparation for the release of The Dark Knight Rises by watching Batman Begins...we have plans to watch The Dark Knight before we see the finale on Wednesday.

Back when the first official trailer was flown around the internet I instantly could not wait for today's release. Now with more hype getting circulated during these last few weeks, my excitement has successfully smashed off the richter scale. The initial excitement developed after reading the article on the Guardian about bloggers getting invited to an advanced screening, which resulting in a standing ovation at the end. Of course I wish I had received an invite to that.

Tom Hardy as Bane just looks so awesome!
It is clear I am not the only person to be super excited for today's release, people are showing their excitement wherever they can (just like me with this blog post). A friend of mine on Facebook is literally counting down the seconds until today's release, which is amusing. Another example, the production company, Rokkit I follow on Twitter posted this amusing screenshot earlier this week.

I love employees with a good sense of humor

I just hope after all this hype, the film holds up to this...who am I kidding, we know it's going to be an epic finale. I am most looking forward to Tom Hardy's performance as Bane. 

MH x

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Twitter can be fun and games

I joined Twitter back in 2008 during my first year of university, my intention was to utilise it as a tool to find contacts with a similar interest to me, and ultimately people that are interesting and dont post useless information (like you find on Facebook). My mission has been successful so far, I would say my dashboard feed is always interesting.

Recently I have discovered various Twitter accounts made purely for fun, and at first I thought they were a bit pathetic, taking the user experience away from how Twitter originated. Of course my snobby attitude has changed and I have found some that never fail to amuse me.

1. @MyTruelad
I am sure if you are a guy on the internet you would have definitely come across many LAD jokes, and this Twitter account is full of them to fill your dashboard feed throughout the day. A majority of the jokes are hilarious, and find myself Retweeting them instantly. 

It's clear this account is not officially the Queen, however this does not stop hilarity of this account. Again like MyTrueLad this account Tweets a lot during the day. Each Tweet is written as if the Queen was in charge of the account, and with that in mind it's hilarious. The most funniest experience with this account was during the Diamond Jubilee, so many hilarious Tweets throughout the occasion as if the Queen was hating her moment in the limelight. 

I discovered this account only last week, and I am already loving the concept. The 'I don't do jokes.' idea proves to be highly amusing in my books. The account Tweets a different spin on the typical jokes of the world, here are some of my favourite so far; 

All these accounts make my experience on Twitter a little more improved. Let me know if you follow any Twitter accounts like these, I am open to find more. 

MH x 

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Super Busy Chicks (Episode 9)

The banana ice cream in this weeks episode tasted so good, and was unbelievably quick and easy to achieve. It really tasted like an expensive ice cream...however you do have to eat it quick before it turns into a milkshake. I learnt this the hard way as i attempted to each my portion after I had packed away the filming equipment.

After 9 episodes were having a little change around with the structure, to of course improve the show. So look forward to that change next Wednesday.

For now check out the website, superbusychicks.com - Again this is going to receive a very big change soon!

Please some comments on the show, I love receiving any bit of feedback.

MH x

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The New MacBook Pro

This week I haven't managed to get hold of an app to give a review for my regular 'Tuesday's App Today'. However I am going to stick to the tech theme (Tuesday's may even just become tech posts) and write up my opinions about Apples new Macbook Pro.

I'll admit I have only recently looked into the new Macbook Pros, and of course I am blown away with their retina displays, the image quality is truly stunning to see. At first I was also highly impressed with how they have developed the laptop to slightly thinner in size, slowly approaching the thickness of the Mabook Airs. However, after realising they took out the whole disk drive to achieve these new slimmer lines, I was shocked. 

I have always understood the reason behind MacBook Airs to not have a disk drive, they are clearly for the type of person who is continuously in and out of meetings, and does not want to be carrying around a laptop of regularly weight and size. Therefore appealing towards a niche market in the business world. Macbook Pros, they too have a niche market of the create types, which is now slowly spilling over into the mainstream market, who are simply looking for a powerful laptop (to log into Facebook....which doesn't make sense to me). This is where I can not see how this growing market is going to respond when buying a laptop that does not come with a disk drive. Full stop. 

We are entering a new age where films and TV series can be streamed from online, and downloaded straight to your laptop, PC, games consoles and TVs....blah blah we hear it all the time. However, I can't help be realise there are a majority of people (including myself) who are pushing back this inevitable switch over to this lifestyle. It is still nice to sit in at home one evening look at your DVD collection and choose what film to sit down with a drink and some nibbles, and better still pop the DVD into your laptop and watch in the confort of your own bed.

Going back to the DVD collection, mine is still growing, and I still want to be growing it. When I finally get myself a real house with a mortgage I believe the lounge will have a wall dedicated to a collection of films, just like a bookcase. The colours of any collection will always look nice as a feature for a room. It will be sorry sight when these features could turn out to be no more.

I would love something like this in my home
I understand how computer games, and software after in less of a need for physical discs, however I still believe theres a market out there who will always want the physical release of a film, just like the market of people who still enjoy purchasing vinyl.

MH x

Monday, 16 July 2012

The Weekend [13 + 14th July]

On Friday I posted a short entry on my blog explaining it was Lauren's birthday and I had a secret birthday surprise planned for her. Of course I can now explain in brief what we got up to celebrating her birthday. During the afternoon on Friday we took the train down from Clapham Junction to the New Forest where we spent a night in the lovely The Crown hotel in Lyndhurst town. 

Couldn't resist taking a photo
The theme of the hotel was fantastic, a nice posh old English theme, which was right up my street (it helped sway my decision when booking months in advance)

The first day we had a nice walk as the weather was nice, and of course we saw plenty of horses grazing in the area, the New Forest is full of them. We got a bit snappy happy with them (more so with Lauren). We ended in the day with some nice food in a local pub, I tried some Venison in a pie it was bloody amazing!

Unfortunately the weather was not as good for the second day, although this did not dampen the spirits for the tiny village with the appearance of the Olympic Torch, which arrived and stormed through at around 10am forming a large crowd. It was funny to think me and Lauren have now been lucky enough to see the torch relay but not in our hometowns. It was great to see this small village get together and celebrate the Olympics, it was an eye opener to how much louder this village turned into during the 10 minutes of fun. 

We ended our time in the New Forest at my dads house where he cooked up this amazing Lasagne and homemade bread, he really is a good cook. 

Sunday was spent traveling back to my new home in Wimbledon and chilling out the remainder of the day with one of my housemates. 

What did you get up to at the weekend, have you ever been to the New Forest?

MH x 

Friday, 13 July 2012


Today me and Lauren have the day off work...hooray! It's her birthday today, and I have organised a nice surprise for her. This was booked about a month ago, and since then she's had no idea.

I love making surprises for people, for her previous birthday I took her to see the musical, Chicago in the West End, again she had no idea before the night. I cannot wait to see her face after she works out the surprise, it wont be hard to work out once we have met at Clapham Junction. Of course on Monday I shall write my blog post all about it, and make sure i have some nice Instagram photos.

Some vague clues for the surprise; grass, and outside.

Lets see if you can guess.

MH x

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Super Busy Chicks (Episode 8)

Good afternoon, It's Wednesday and around lunchtime (depending on when your reading this). That obviously means anoter episode of Super Busy Chicks, again another great episode from us.

We really are finding our rhythm with this show, and in the next few weeks we'll be making a few changes to improve the show even more.

Let me know if you have been watching this web series, I always enjoy hearing the feedback. And please please help us spread the word! 

MH x 

Monday, 9 July 2012

Tuesday's App Today [Google Chrome]

Ever since Google launched their own internet browser, Google Chrome for the desktop and laptops. I quickly jumped aboard the ship, and have been sailing with no complaints ever since. I have strong trust with Googles products, so had full confidence with their browser before release

If my memory is correct I got the browser before my first iPhone. Therefore upon purchasing the iPhone i looked on the app store for a Google Chrome app, as I had been against Safari all this time before. To my disappointment, it wasnt on offer.

I cannot believe it has taken all this time for Chrome to appear on the iPhone. Of course I am very happy to now see it on my phone, and like the laptop it has set in stone to replace me using Safari. It might just be my biased mind, but I do believe the browser works quicker than Safari. Furthermore I enjoy the UI, it looks more polished and a joy to use. The small but noticeable animations upon doing certain tasks look great, and so far don't slow down my phones performance. And I know it's a very small feature, but having the search bar and address all in one is perfect.

The recent tabs are great to see, as I use these a lot on the laptop. Pretty much this browser is just how I expected it to be for the iPhone, and I am very glad it is here. I just wonder what took them so long.

Have you switched over to Chrome?

MH x

The Weekend [7 + 8th July]

My Saturday was spent in and around Bermondsey Market working on a documentary about the food, and culture and history of the area. The day was a long and challenging experience, we were shooting on the recently new Sony FS700 which was amazing, I am definitely going to look into hiring one for a music video. The footage is already looking good, some amazing slow motion shots. I cannot wait to see the final edit, which of course I will post on here. Bermondsey Market was great to discover, I will certainly go back there again with Lauren.

3 year old pig fed on acorns tasted, INCREDIBLE!

The view from above Sparrow Gin,
during the week it's a wood shop!
My day carried on into the evening, I met up with Lauren and some friends to celebrate her birthday (which is next week, 13th) at Shake Rattle & Bowl. The venue has a fifties theme, with great music and cocktails, and of course a bowling alley. We all got a little drunk before our game, which of course was a great laugh. I definitely want to attend again soon, I always enjoy bowling...and I'll admit I am not too bad.

Sunday was spent watching the men's final at Wimbledon. Congratulations goes to Roger Federer for making it into the history books for his 7th win of the tournament, and of course commiseration's for Andy Murray, he put up a good fight! 

How was your weekend?

MH x 

Friday, 6 July 2012

Film Review Friday [The Amazing Spiderman, 2012]

Wednesday night (Orange Wednesdays of course!) myself and Lauren went to the cinema see The Amazing Spiderman.

The entire film is a fantastic adaption from the comic book, and of course due to such a quick turn around after the latest adaptation from Tobey Maquire it's understandable comparisons are going to be made, however I will try and keep them to a minimum. 

I believe Andrew Garfield's performance as Spiderman was a good choice, he played the geeky Peter Parker well and made it believable, adding this slight cool edge to the character, perhaps making many of the younger men in the audience want to be him. Andrew did not play up the performance, making Peter Parker look like a true pathetic human which I believe came across too strong in the previous versions with Tobey Maquires (Thats one comparison).

From the start it was clear the film was going to be focused more on Peter Parker's life story, giving the audience that important background to give a stronger connection with the character. The balance between the action and the transformation of Peter into Spiderman mixed with his personal life was executed well. For instance once Peter had been bitten from the mutant spider, the transformation was not instant. Consideration was taken into showing Peter struggle with these new indescribable powers and further into his control and utilising. Furthermore with this development process I was glad to see his trademark spiderwebs were shown through Peter designing and making his own device to shoot the webs, mimicking the comic book (I have never understood the reason behind Maquires films to have the webs simply come out his wrists giving a sense of true mutation, and apologies for a second comparison).

The film took many elements from the comic books, which I wont be able to list them all as I have never read the comics. However situations in certain scenes looked far fetched, and the words 'thats ridiculous' came to mind. In fact the thought itself was ridiculous, the film is an adaption of the comic book, therefore they were perfect. These far fetched situations were highly noticeable with some scenes, you could practically take a screenshot of some action sequences and plot them into a comic book with no fuss, resulting in some entertaining gritty cinematics. Which I believe were not ultilised in the previous adaptations, all three seemed to be Hollywoodised (it's a word now...) and too much about showing off the huge budgets (okay thats the last comparison).

Where as The Amazing Spiderman took away the glitz and glamour....yes the visuals looked amazing, however it was more about the character development, giving you more of an explanation into who Spiderman is, perhaps giving the newer fans of Spiderman to watch the film and not worry about if they need to know about previous plots in the comic books. It's open and enjoyable for the masses, not the niche.

MH x

Previous Film Review Friday

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Super Busy Chicks (Episode 7)

Yesterday was Wednesday, which of course meant another episode of Super Busy Chicks was released. This was another great episode, the most amazing part were the skinny pizzas. I tried made attempt to make them myself the day after we filmed this episode. However, as expected mine did not taste exactly like Carolines amazing ones.

I can always try again...if you have no idea what I am chatting about watch the episode below.

We have entered our third month in this web series, therefore it would be nice to hear some more feedback on the show in the comments below. Also, another great thing would to have some help in spreading this all over the internet. 

MH x

Wednesday, 4 July 2012


Last week I receive a Tweet on the Fenixx page from the Hoaxx guys, explaining they have designed some T-shirts from the music video we made for them.

They have made two designs from the video, and I think they great!, and at the low price of £.11.99 I think I will have to purchase one. Perhaps I could get some discount ;)

You can purchase a T-shirt from HERE

I think I'll purchase this one
Again, here is the music video we made for Hoaxx.

MH x 

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Tuesday's App Today [Sidecar]

The Sidecar app has been round for a while now, however I have only had a look at it in the last few weeks. 

The main feature the app boasts is the function of showing live streaming of what you are looking at whilst making a phone call. I am going to be brutally honest here...but isn't that simply a replica of Apples 'FaceTime', and any other video calling devices out there. I really don't see how this is any different. I decided on look into the demo (which I have embedded below) and from that inspection it is just what I had imagined. FaceTime / video calling, but with a different interface. I really don't see how they are marketing this as something new and revolutionary. I imagine they are explaining how this is achievable whilst calling on 3G and now 4G networks. However with the iOS6 set to release in the Autumn, using FaceTime on the 3G networks that will then be a normal procedure.

Going further into the demo it explains how you can achieve all these extra functions with Sidecar in 'real time' as they keep repeating. Again, I can't see how these things are incredible functions. You can look through other contacts, browse your photos and other functions whilst on a call with someone. I know without the app you can't send photos to someone 'in real time!', however who is that eager to receive a photo 'in real time!!!' - Surely you can wait until after the phone call to quickly receive the photos via email or text message. With ever faster networks this is being less of a time consuming task. With looking at contacts...well you can just read them out the number whilst on the phone, you don't need proof of seeing the number on the screen. Again, that waiting game after hanging up isn't such a big deal to receive a phone number. And more importantly the trusty pen and paper is has been working wonders for the last couple of centuries and more! 

The two functions I do like however, are the tag lines for video calling, and the function to find the location of your friend you are speaking on the other end of the phone. I believe the tagging function would be a lot of fun, and the Google maps integration to show their location is very useful.

However, other than that I really don't see this app as something new and revolutionary. Watch the demo video, to see get your own opinion.

MH x 

Monday, 2 July 2012


The majority of Saturday was spent moving into my new flat in Southfields. My dad was kind enough to come up from his house to help with the day (as his car is a decent size). The day went well, however I'll be honest in saying my organising prior to the moving day was not to scratch, therefore a majority of rushing on the day happened. Thankfully all my belongings had been transfered into the new flat by 4pm. Where I then proceeded in blitzing my room to make it look relatively organised.

I am already in love with my new flat, and the surrounding area. The new flat feels so much nicer compared to all the previous places I have lived during and after university. The surrounding improves my love for the flat even more, transport to work is perfect. And we are just a small bus ride to Putney or Wimbledon, I think I am going to enjoy my time in this flat ever so much. I will feel a bit more part of London.

Here is some photos from the moving day curtesy of Instagram.

Load one! 

Load two, can't forget the toilet roll!

My old room in Kingston, it looks so smal compared to my new one
MH x