Wednesday, 13 June 2012

A New Book

Yesterday I finally finished off reading the biography of Steve Jobs (I'm not a slow reader, I only get to read books going to work). The biography was a fantastic read, giving me a real in-depth idea of his life. It was a real eye opener to how he worked with his employees, and how he worked so hard to make these such great products.

Reading towards the end about his cancer was's such a same this strong minded man lost is life to cancer, and at quite a young age. It's horrible to think we have lost such an amazing man, who's mind power to make such influence products. I am always left wondering how Apple will carry on without him. I have finished this book I of course need to find a new one. I would like your help, here is a list from the top of my head of the books I have read over the last year.

*In no particular order
Peter James - Denial
Peter James - Looking Good Dead
David Nicholls - One Day
David Nicholls - A Start For Ten
David Nicholls - The Understudy
Lee Evans Biography
Steve Jobs Biography
Jean Teulé - The Suicide Shop
Mark Haddon - A Spot Of Bother
George Orwell - 1984

Could you help me wit some suggestions on the next book I should read, I want a really good gripping read next. 

MH x 


Michael/gossipguy17 said...

Since I never know quite what to suggest to people as I always want to suggest everything, I provide instead a link to my Shelfari page. I've put reviews on practically everything I've read. Or just click the "Favourites" tab on my shelf for ones you need to read NOW.


Matthew Hoare said...

Thanks for your reply Michael...I was kind of waiting for your reply :)
I shall definitely look into your Shelfari page!