Wednesday, 20 June 2012

iOS6 - We need more

The next iOS update for the iPhone is of course iOS 6 and is set to be released in the Autumn (Quite a long wait if you ask me). After looking through the list on what will be available come release day it looks promising. However I can't shrug off the feeling that I want more from Apple. 

The first iPhone was released back in January 2007, and not much has changed with the OS since that first launch. I know they have had some nice improvements with how the interface looks with a few updates. However when you compare these updates to the Mac OS updates going from, Panther, Tiger, Leopard and now Lion there has always been some big steps with the new look and feel the Mac. I can't help but think this same feeling has not be shared with the iPhone OS updates. 

With the iOS 6  update they have integrated Facebook alongside the previous Twitter integration, made some nice changes with photos and now added the equivalent of Tom Tom sat nav into Google maps. These are all great new features, but where were these updates further down the line with iOS 3 or 4?

I'm not saying I am looking to change to another phone, because I still using my iPhone 4, however when you compare the look of the OS against other smart phones on the market you can't help but realise it now looks a little dated. That same block OS has been there for 5 years now...that's a very long time to keep it looking the exact same. And within that 5 years there are now other smart phones that are slowly creeping up with the iPhone and taking over with more innovative features.

Maybe with the iPhone (whether it's called 5 or not) the OS would get a whole new upgrade and have some new features that will blow every other smart phone out the water. But for the moment I can't help but think I am a little disappointed with Apple.

What are your thoughts on the iOS 6?

MH x

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