Friday, 29 June 2012

Film Review Friday [Snow White And The Huntsman, 2012]

This week it was Lauren's choice of film...

This week, we took a trip out to see Snow White and The Huntsman on the big screen. I’ve been keen to see this ever since I sold a pair of Uggs and Hunters which were being taken off to Kristen Stewart on set, just a mile or so from my home! There are obviously going to be comparisons drawn between this film and Mirror Mirror, which looked cheesy as hell, and this one certainly took my fancy over the latter.

Snow White and The Huntsman is a new take on the usual story, with lots more action which could make this fairytale appeal to those above the age of 10. The trailer, I found, was reminiscent of the Narnia films, both of which I happen to love, so I was interested to see how they made the (usually) innocent and fair Snow White into a girl leading a revolution against her Queen. 

I was worried with this remake, that they couldn't help but border on cheesy - what with the infamous 'Mirror Mirror, on the wall...' moment and all that, but I must admit, even that wasn't too bad. I suppose it's essential to the storyline that we find out Snow White is the fairest of them all, fueling the Queen's rage. I particularly liked how they made the mirror seem like a figment of her imagination, brought to our attention by her peeping brother. I also was cringing long before Snow White had to eat the apple...But again, I was impressed by how it had all been mostly 'de-cheesed' - I thought Snow White was very cleverly tricked...Oh and most importantly, for some reason, I wasn't expecting any dwarves at all. I didn't think they would be essential to the story...but don't worry, there are plenty of dwarves to be seen.

As for the acting...I thought Charlize Theron was much better than Kristen Stewart. I thought Charlize was pretty good at playing such a villain, whilst still keeping up her beautiful, and somewhat innocent, appearance which bagged her the throne in the first place. I found Kristen Stewart quite an odd casting for the part of Snow White - I don't think she portrayed the innocence and 'fairness' that she was supposed to possess, but I suppose a super girly girl wouldn't look right leading a revolution on horseback in chainmail, so I can see where they came from for that, I struggle to imagine Lily Collins doing such a thing. Their English accents weren't half bad either, although there was definitely a line where Charlize slipped into her native tongue. And Kristen is just a hard one to get. Only hardcore Twilight fans seem to be a fan of her acting and limited facial expressions...but she must be doing something right as apparently she is now Hollywood's highest paid actress! Perhaps that has put a smile on her face? (You would hope so anyway...)

All in all, I thought the film was good! I enjoy a good fairytale and this was no exception. You should definitely see it for the stunning visuals and to see Kristen Stewart's amazing (ahem) facial expressions, if nothing else. Not everybodies cup of tea, I'm aware, but I really liked it. 

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