Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The Diamond Jubilee [My Thoughts]

I have been quite surprised at how much my personal interest and willingness to watch coverage of the Queens Jubilee has grown over our extended weekend.

I believe the reason behind this interest was the realisation of how strong and passionate we are as a country. After looking past all this doom and gloom the country is in, with the recession, and the appalling government...blah blah.

It was refreshing to see we can still give out a huge celebration for our Queen (and theRoyal Family). It was really outstanding to see everyone turn out in their thousands into central London despite the weather to just see a glimpse of our gracious Queen.

I think this realisation became apparent to me whilst watching the Jubilee concert on Monday evening. This concert was a fantastic showcase of what talent we have in the UK and around the world (expect for a few people). It was clear that modern Britain still and always will care about our Monarchy, and want to show them what we have to offer.

I have to admit I have never throughout my life to be a Royalist, however after this long weekend I think that is now not fully true. It was nice to see all the history, to realise how normal and human the Royal Family are. Like any one of us, they are not some alienated posh family shut away in a castle/mansion.

I'm glad I was able to witness these eventful celebrations over the weekend, to witness such a large moment of British history. Which I am sure will be remembered for many years.

What did you think of the whole weekend?

MH x

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lettersfromlaunna said...

I have never been a royal watcher or a celebrity watcher due to the fact that I learned at a very early age that these people were just like us only in the news... it must have been awesome to witness the Diamond Jubilee, a part of history:)