Friday, 29 June 2012

Film Review Friday [Snow White And The Huntsman, 2012]

This week it was Lauren's choice of film...

This week, we took a trip out to see Snow White and The Huntsman on the big screen. I’ve been keen to see this ever since I sold a pair of Uggs and Hunters which were being taken off to Kristen Stewart on set, just a mile or so from my home! There are obviously going to be comparisons drawn between this film and Mirror Mirror, which looked cheesy as hell, and this one certainly took my fancy over the latter.

Snow White and The Huntsman is a new take on the usual story, with lots more action which could make this fairytale appeal to those above the age of 10. The trailer, I found, was reminiscent of the Narnia films, both of which I happen to love, so I was interested to see how they made the (usually) innocent and fair Snow White into a girl leading a revolution against her Queen. 

I was worried with this remake, that they couldn't help but border on cheesy - what with the infamous 'Mirror Mirror, on the wall...' moment and all that, but I must admit, even that wasn't too bad. I suppose it's essential to the storyline that we find out Snow White is the fairest of them all, fueling the Queen's rage. I particularly liked how they made the mirror seem like a figment of her imagination, brought to our attention by her peeping brother. I also was cringing long before Snow White had to eat the apple...But again, I was impressed by how it had all been mostly 'de-cheesed' - I thought Snow White was very cleverly tricked...Oh and most importantly, for some reason, I wasn't expecting any dwarves at all. I didn't think they would be essential to the story...but don't worry, there are plenty of dwarves to be seen.

As for the acting...I thought Charlize Theron was much better than Kristen Stewart. I thought Charlize was pretty good at playing such a villain, whilst still keeping up her beautiful, and somewhat innocent, appearance which bagged her the throne in the first place. I found Kristen Stewart quite an odd casting for the part of Snow White - I don't think she portrayed the innocence and 'fairness' that she was supposed to possess, but I suppose a super girly girl wouldn't look right leading a revolution on horseback in chainmail, so I can see where they came from for that, I struggle to imagine Lily Collins doing such a thing. Their English accents weren't half bad either, although there was definitely a line where Charlize slipped into her native tongue. And Kristen is just a hard one to get. Only hardcore Twilight fans seem to be a fan of her acting and limited facial expressions...but she must be doing something right as apparently she is now Hollywood's highest paid actress! Perhaps that has put a smile on her face? (You would hope so anyway...)

All in all, I thought the film was good! I enjoy a good fairytale and this was no exception. You should definitely see it for the stunning visuals and to see Kristen Stewart's amazing (ahem) facial expressions, if nothing else. Not everybodies cup of tea, I'm aware, but I really liked it. 

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Thursday, 28 June 2012

A new home

Yesterday my housemate took a visit to our new flat to pick up the keys sets for the three of us. We officially move into the new flat on Saturday, and I cannot wait.

The new flat is over in Southfields, in a nice block flats surrounded by trees, and just behind Wimbledon common. The surrounding area is so quiet, and small walk to Wimbledon village. I cannot wait to move in, as the journey to work will be considerably quicker and less hassle. And more importanly cheaper!

I believe this new flat will be a great new experience, as I will be ever closer to living into central London (only two more zones to go)

 MH x

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

What if there was no internet [INFOGRAPH]

You should know by now that I am big fan of technology and the internet. Therefore this infograph about the internet and predictions on what it would be like if there was no existence really grabbed my attention. What do you think?

MH x

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Hoaxx - 'Let Us Down'

Apologies again for not having a Tuesday's App Today post, but I have more important news. The official music video I produced and edited for Hoaxx has now been released! It was a pleasure working with these guys, and it was good fun to make. We believe it's our most promising work so far for FENIXX

Let Us Down ft. John Bird
Kiez Beats
Taken from the album 'Who is the Queen?'

Director - Matthew Connell
Producer / DOP / Editor - Matthew Hoare
VFX - Owen D P
Colour Grade - Danny Atkinson

MH x

Monday, 25 June 2012

The Weekend [23 + 24 June]

My weekend started off extremely well on Friday night, where I took advantage of my early finish at work and had a visit from Matthew Connell, where we set to finish off some projects for FenixxWe completed a presenters showreel and got ready another episode of Super Busy Chicks for Wednesday's release. 

The Fenixx office!

Saturday began as a chilled one with Lauren, which I ended the day meeting up with former colleagues from Superdry at Pizza Express in Kingston for the managers leaving was a great evening! 

Sunday played out over in Ascot for afternoon tea with Lauren and her family for a surprise celebration for her grandparents 60th wedding anniversary, it was a lovely day, and amazing to see the weather was so good!. Another celebration on Sunday was from my mum's birthday, obviously it was unfortunate that I was not able to see her on the actual day. However I saw her the weekend before, I think that will make up for it. Plus we have plans for her to come up to my house very soon, for when I move into my new flat in Southfields. 

Here are some snaps from the afternoon tea.

The venue was amazing to look at! 

I was loving the scones, I was in my element!
MH x 

Friday, 22 June 2012

Kid Champion Live Session

A few months back we filmed some live session performances of Kid Champion. Here is the final version of the band performing 'Where Did All The Good Men Go?'

The session was recorded live at an undisclosed broadcasting studio in central London.

More work to come from Fenixx very soon!

MH x

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Super Busy Chicks (Episode 5)

Yesterday was Wednesday, which only means one thing. Another weekly episode of Super Busy Chicks.

I remember shooting this episode, as the chocolate Caroline made was bloody amazing, and I still have it on my list to try works so well. And tastes like it was made by a posh Chocolatier.

Another segment in the show that I can relate to (no, not the shoes) is Secret Cinema. A good friend of mine from University has been to a few of these Secret Cinema nights and they sound amazing, I am yet to attend one myself. But again it is on the list (this list is increasing by the minute)

If you have no idea what I am writing about, then watch Super Busy Chicks (Episode 5) below.

MH x

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

iOS6 - We need more

The next iOS update for the iPhone is of course iOS 6 and is set to be released in the Autumn (Quite a long wait if you ask me). After looking through the list on what will be available come release day it looks promising. However I can't shrug off the feeling that I want more from Apple. 

The first iPhone was released back in January 2007, and not much has changed with the OS since that first launch. I know they have had some nice improvements with how the interface looks with a few updates. However when you compare these updates to the Mac OS updates going from, Panther, Tiger, Leopard and now Lion there has always been some big steps with the new look and feel the Mac. I can't help but think this same feeling has not be shared with the iPhone OS updates. 

With the iOS 6  update they have integrated Facebook alongside the previous Twitter integration, made some nice changes with photos and now added the equivalent of Tom Tom sat nav into Google maps. These are all great new features, but where were these updates further down the line with iOS 3 or 4?

I'm not saying I am looking to change to another phone, because I still using my iPhone 4, however when you compare the look of the OS against other smart phones on the market you can't help but realise it now looks a little dated. That same block OS has been there for 5 years now...that's a very long time to keep it looking the exact same. And within that 5 years there are now other smart phones that are slowly creeping up with the iPhone and taking over with more innovative features.

Maybe with the iPhone (whether it's called 5 or not) the OS would get a whole new upgrade and have some new features that will blow every other smart phone out the water. But for the moment I can't help but think I am a little disappointed with Apple.

What are your thoughts on the iOS 6?

MH x

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

App review suggestions please

I have been doing these Tuesday's App Today posts for a few months now, and these have been good fun. Reading into all these new apps has been really interest as I am a big fan of the tech world.

I will be honest the last few weeks these posts have slacking as a result of other work commitments with Fenixx therefore today I wont be able to post another app review.

If anyone out there share the same interest as me with apps, I would be very grateful if you could send me some suggestions on ones that I could look into for future reviews.

I can not apologies enough, and I promise I will review an app next week.

Last weeks Tuesday's App Today post.

Monday, 18 June 2012

The Weekend [16 + 17th June]

This weekend I made the journey back to hometown with Lauren to visit my mum and then of course my dad for Father's Day ( left on the Saturday evening back to hers to celebrate Fathers Day with her own dad)

My visit to my mums house in Fareham started off the weekend perfectly with a nice catch up with her about practically anything and everything topped with a small trip into Fareham town centre (so my brother could get my dad a birthday present and fathers day card). The visit into town was a huge eye opener to how much has changed since my last visit to Fareham. I can't remember the last time I visited that area, and it really shows. The are has received so much development, updating the town making it  look more inviting and nicer place to shop on a regular basis. I hear the Olympic torch is going through the town, which will be nice bonus for the small town, will be amazing to see that on national news.

The weekend continued with the visit to my dad's house, where I encountered more change. You may remember a few months back my dad got himself labrodor puppy. Well this puppy, Brecon is no longer a small doggie, he is now almost full size, and I have to say looking very handsome. He is of course still playful as he's only just 6 months old. But he is a real nice delight to be around.

It's mad how quickly things can change in such a short space of time, but it proves to me further how I need to make more time to visit my parents. And thankfully with my current job this is possible with not working the weekends.... I just have to make sure they are free.

Did you have a nice Fathers Day, what did you get up to? I was very happy to see the weather turned out well for the Sunday!

MH x

Friday, 15 June 2012

No Film Review Friday

Unfortunately another busy week for me, so I shall leave you with this awesome poster celebrating 100 years of Paramont instead.

Also check out this amazing Tumblr page, Moviebarcodes. This awesome page consists of posting images generated from different movies.  Each frame of the movie is stretched tall and thin to create this single image from an entire movie.  The below image is from The Matrix, just in case you have idea from my explanation.

MH x 

Thursday, 14 June 2012

2 shameless bits of self promotion

1. Here is Episode 4 of Super Busy Chicks 
I can't believe it's been a month already with these videos, we have now getting used to a real schedule for these now. It's time to really push them...who knows what might happen.

2. I am running a prize draw for Totes Retro
Anyone who purchases a bag before 23rd June will be automatically entered into a prize draw to win an iTunes voucher. -

If you could be so kind and spread these around all the net that would be great! 

MH x 

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

A New Book

Yesterday I finally finished off reading the biography of Steve Jobs (I'm not a slow reader, I only get to read books going to work). The biography was a fantastic read, giving me a real in-depth idea of his life. It was a real eye opener to how he worked with his employees, and how he worked so hard to make these such great products.

Reading towards the end about his cancer was's such a same this strong minded man lost is life to cancer, and at quite a young age. It's horrible to think we have lost such an amazing man, who's mind power to make such influence products. I am always left wondering how Apple will carry on without him. I have finished this book I of course need to find a new one. I would like your help, here is a list from the top of my head of the books I have read over the last year.

*In no particular order
Peter James - Denial
Peter James - Looking Good Dead
David Nicholls - One Day
David Nicholls - A Start For Ten
David Nicholls - The Understudy
Lee Evans Biography
Steve Jobs Biography
Jean Teulé - The Suicide Shop
Mark Haddon - A Spot Of Bother
George Orwell - 1984

Could you help me wit some suggestions on the next book I should read, I want a really good gripping read next. 

MH x 

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Tuesday's App Today [Slide]

Now and again I search the App store for a new game to occupy my boredom whilst on train journeys and other such things. The latest game I've found is Slide, which is quick easy fun.

If you have an iPhone you would of course be familiar with the slide to unlock function. This game turns that simple function into a frantic game of unlocking the sliders all over the screen trying to get the high school. I wont explain too much detail, it's pretty self explanatory.

The game is good fun, as consist of a fair bit of concentration, and I think this game is perfect for wasting 5 or 10 minutes here or there trying to beat your score. Or maybe it's ideal for sitting on the toilet doing your business.

Currently my high score on the 'Revenge' level is I don't know how good that is, but let me know what your high score is.

MH x 

Monday, 11 June 2012

New music video - HOAXX

Saturday was a very successful day for Fenixx, we shot an entire new music video for the band, Hoaxx.

The track is called 'Let Us Down' - This music video will be a very quick turn around, so expect the release very soon. This work be so far the quickest job from Fenixx, therefore will prove to be an interesting learning curve for myself and Matthew Connell.

For now checkout these screen shots of what to expect.

MH x 

Friday, 8 June 2012

Film Review Friday [Requiem For A Dream, 2000]

Me and Lauren have been so busy lately, we watched a film however I had seen it before but not for Lauren, so I guess this still counts. Here is her review:

This week, we watched Requiem for a Dream (Darren Aronofsky, 2000). I know right, how have I not seen it before?! I don't know to be honest, I'd obviously heard a lot about it before and seen clips on some of my university course but never actually sat down and watched it all. So we did just that.
Requiem for a Dream follows the lives of Harry, played by Jared Leto, his girlfriend Marion, his friend and his mother, and their downward spiral on their search for a better life, which is all thanks to their various drug addictions.

Harry, Marion and Tyrone are your typical heroin addicts, they spend all their time trying to get their next fix. We see them beg, steal and borrow to fund their habit, which is pretty degrading. But alongside this, we see their dreams and aspirations – Harry to be a successful businessman, Marion to set up her own clothing store – which is an interesting juxtaposition but it makes it more saddening when you see these characters at the end of the film, all very much alone and it's very unlikely they'll get to live this 'better life' they've all been dreaming of. I did some reading on the film and found out that Jared Leto actually befriended some heroin junkies in Brooklyn to help get into his role which I thought was pretty cool!

Sara, Harry’s mother, seems quite vulnerable but decent in the first few scenes, with Harry stealing her beloved television set for drug money, and with her being heavily influenced by her neighbours opinions on her appearance and other such things. Upon hearing she’d been offered the chance to appear on TV, she becomes hooked on diet pills to try and look good for her appearance on the show. Her obsession with looking good sees Sara hallucinating and becoming an all round crazy addict. I found Sara's experience probably the scariest, as we saw her entire downfall, she looked pretty mad and her hallucinations made me jump out of my skin! Sara's delusion was pretty sad as she had no idea what she was getting herself into with the pills, and she genuinely does believe that her stint on television will bring her the better life she'd been hoping for.

The film is very fast paced (lots of cuts!), and actually isn't very long either, I think it's about 100 minutes long. Everybody knows that drugs are bad, but this film is still quite an eye opener into addiction and the lengths people will go to when they're desperate. They're all living in their own utopia but the end of the film sees the characters' sad reality. 

If you haven't seen Requiem for a Dream (let's face it, I was probably the last person on earth to see it), I really recommend you do! It's pretty great.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Super Busy Chicks (Episode 3)

This week I have been super (pardon the pun) busy with personal and work stuff, so my blog posts have been a little weak this week....god my writing has been awful for this already. keep you interest here is yesterday episode of Super Busy Chicks.

What you think!?

MH x

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The Diamond Jubilee [My Thoughts]

I have been quite surprised at how much my personal interest and willingness to watch coverage of the Queens Jubilee has grown over our extended weekend.

I believe the reason behind this interest was the realisation of how strong and passionate we are as a country. After looking past all this doom and gloom the country is in, with the recession, and the appalling government...blah blah.

It was refreshing to see we can still give out a huge celebration for our Queen (and theRoyal Family). It was really outstanding to see everyone turn out in their thousands into central London despite the weather to just see a glimpse of our gracious Queen.

I think this realisation became apparent to me whilst watching the Jubilee concert on Monday evening. This concert was a fantastic showcase of what talent we have in the UK and around the world (expect for a few people). It was clear that modern Britain still and always will care about our Monarchy, and want to show them what we have to offer.

I have to admit I have never throughout my life to be a Royalist, however after this long weekend I think that is now not fully true. It was nice to see all the history, to realise how normal and human the Royal Family are. Like any one of us, they are not some alienated posh family shut away in a castle/mansion.

I'm glad I was able to witness these eventful celebrations over the weekend, to witness such a large moment of British history. Which I am sure will be remembered for many years.

What did you think of the whole weekend?

MH x

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

No Tuesday's App Today

Unfortunately due to all the Jubilee celebrations (how good was the concert last night!) I have not found the time to write today's post, next week I will have an App review for you all. So stay tuned for that next week.

Enjoy what you have left of this extra bank holiday, and I will be back to regular schedule tomorrow.

MH x

Monday, 4 June 2012

Field Day 2012

To kick off my Jubilee celebrations over the weekend, I attended the 1 day festival, Field Day at Victoria Park. I attended this festival last year, and thoroughly enjoyed the day, therefore couldn't wait. Furthermore Lauren won us a pair of tickets from ASOS, so a free day out made it a little extra special.

The whole day was a lot of fun, and I'll admit the line up was not too recognisable for my eyes and ears, however my idea was to simply enjoy the festival, and drink some booze. Which I definitely achieved throughout the days proceedings, however just last last year I found the price of drink as a little over the top...but I guess this is a given when attending any festival.

Another piece of the festival that definitely brightened my spirits further was they fact they had a Bodeans van on one of the food sections of the festival, which of course I couldn't wait to stumble over and chow down on a pulled pork was bloody brilliant!

The festival ended with Franz Ferdinand headlining the event, which I thought was not an excellent choice, although I admit hearing some of their stand out hits from their past albums was great. Throughout the day the weather held up with a spark of sunshine a random intervals. However at the end of the day the weather decided on a huge turn around and the rain covered the area drenching everyone from head to toe. Which I have to admit annoyed me greatly, I hate British weather!

Having said that the Field Day was still great fun, I managed to hear some great music from selection of bands, and if you have never heard of this one day festival and interesting in hearing some new music then I strongly suggest you think about going to Field Day 2013.

MH x

Friday, 1 June 2012

Film Review Friday [Men In Black 3, 2012]

Wednesday night me and Lauren took advantage of Orange Wednesdays (it's the only day I go to the cinema anymore) to go and see Men In Black 3 .

Before arriving at the cinema I was already eager to watch the film, simply from enjoying the first two, and the fact that Will Smith has been called up to do some comedy. Don't get me wrong, I really loved his serious work. However you can never say no to some jokes and laughter from Will Smith, he does it so well.

The film kicks off grabbing your attention with a big opening scene set on the moon at this high security prison where an alien breaks out. Straight away you realise the storyline is not going to be that strong and in depth similar to the previous films. However, you still sit back and enjoy the viewing.

The story does develop a little further than the previous two, you get a little insight into J and K's life stories. Which I thought is a nice touch, giving the film a nice dynamic, plus as I remember you don't get this in MIB 1 and 2.

The whole film is an enjoyable watch, with the good amount of good jokes, having the whole audience laughing (which was nice). The film is a nice addition to the trilogy as it fits in perfectly with the Men In Black franchise. The film does not attempt to stand out as being one that breaks the boundaries from previous stories, which is a little disappointing, however if you enjoy Men In Black and looking for light hearted film, then this is the one for you. You will not be left disappointed.

MH x