Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The Weekend [5 + 6th May]

As I mentioned on Monday with the bank holiday I decided to take the day off from the blog, and wait until today for the regular weekend post.

My weekend started off great from the Friday evening, where I chatted to my office manager who informed me I had officially passed the probation at work and therefore from immediate affect start full contract at th1ng, with the added bonus of a nice pay rise. So of course I was extremely happy, and in the evening I attending the birthday celebrations with one of my colleagues. With my early good news at the back of mind, I was even more up for getting envolved with the celebrations.

The following Saturday started with no hangover (good start) which then proceeded to meeting Lauren in Richmond for a look around the town followed by a lunch date in Nando's, where we shared a whole chicken, thanks to Lauren's completed Nando's Card (I am sure Lauren would have more to say about our day in Richmond, as it started with a fail on behalf)

The Sunday was the most demanding day for me, where I spent the early afternoon to late evening working on camera for Hudson & Butches new short-film. The whole day progressed very well, we all worked well together professionally, and the selection of actors we had were fantastic.

The story is set around a friendship group who work at a local cinema, where the lead girl finds herself into a bit of trouble. I wont go into too much detail, as I don't want to ruin it.

I went through the rushes yesterday, and I was very impressed with how it's looking already, the final piece is going to look very impressive, and I must say my camera work has been improved (sorry for blowing my trumpet.)

MH x

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