Monday, 28 May 2012

The Weekend [26 + 27th May]

My weekend kicked off with Friday, where I attended my 5th London Critical Mass. The ride was brilliant as always, and with the weather being perfect it meant a lot of people were participating. If you're not sure what Critical Mass is I suggest you Google it, the event is perfect, and if you ride a bike then I strongly suggest you join in with next months!

The evening ended with a few drinks and music under either Festival Pier on South Bank. After the chilling I managed to miss my train home from Waterloo, which unfortunately meant me riding from London Waterloo all the way to Kingston (I wasn't going to fork out for a taxi), the ride was tiring and took around just over an hour, which I think isn't too bad.

The Saturday was spent in around London with Lauren, we decided on having a small tourist day out. We visiting the famous Zebra Crossing on Abbey Road, looked around Sherlock Holmes house on Baker Street, took in the view on Pimrose Hill and ended the day chilling in Soho square with some sushi. We hand a wonderful day, and look forward to the day when we have more money between us to spend.

The Sunday was another early start for a new video shoot under Fenixx. We went around Southbank to shoot a showreel for one of the presenters on Super Busy Chicks. The weather was perfect for this shoot, so much sunshine meaning the footage on the Canon 5D looked bloody amazing.

When finished the evening take some shoots for Fenixx's next music video release, but I will explain that more later when I can.

Wow....long post today.

MH x

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