Monday, 21 May 2012

The Weekend [19 + 20th May]

If you remember last week I blogged about looking into moving on to a new house with my current housemate and his brother. Well on Saturday we had some viewings booked in for the day, and we now officially have a new flat to live in! We are going to be living in a really nice flat over in Southfields.

This new flat is going to be excellent, as my journey into work will been shortened a considerable amount, by about 20 minutes. This does not sound a lot...but every minute counts to me. An added bonus to this new flat (according to the estate agent) is that Martine Mccutcheon lives in the posher/richer new housing estate opposite. I think my efforts will be made to befriend her. 

Southfields is two stops away from Wimbledon, so I shall definitely take advantage in this during July for the tournament. 

Sunday I spent the day in London with Lauren, where we headed over to Brick Lane for Beyond Retro's 50% sale to celebrate their 10th birthday. In the shop it was advertised as a secret...but personally I don't think it was a huge secret. 

Second to browsing in Beyond Retro I went to the bike market in Brick Lane (don't worry not the stolen bike section) where I bought a new white tyre for my bike, which I admit was a sudden purchase...and as you can see by the picture below the bike is now looking amazing.

Also...note I am gradually covering my bike in stickers, so if you know anywhere I can get free stickers I would love to know. 

MH x 


Lauren said...

Gnarly! x

lettersfromlaunna said...

Congratulations on finding a new flat to live in, it is not always easy to find what you are looking for. I found the place I am in almost 4 years ago and I knew the moment that I saw it that it was for me:) I had made a list of what I was looking for, I wanted all of it for $650.00 per month, it had everything on my list, it was only $675.00 per month... so pretty perfect for me. Especially since there were many people who told me it wasn't possible as most of these places go for $800.00 per month :) Good luck with the move :)

Matthew Hoare said...

Thanks girl! x

Matthew Hoare said...

Thank you I am very happy!
The same happens over hear, you can find some prices if you look hard enough...and determined!