Monday, 14 May 2012

The Weekend [12 + 13th May]

Upon waking up on Saturday morning to find the sun blaring through my window I knew instantly it was going to be a good weekend. And I was going to take full advantage of the sunshine!

Saturday was spent over in Twickenham where me, Lauren, my housemate Luke and his mates spent the day at Twickenham Stadium for the Rugby Sevens tournament. This is my second time at this event, and the atmosphere has not change a single bit.

Rugby Sevens is a full day of rugby where the spectators turn up in fancy dress (depending on the theme that year) and have fun in the sun whilst drinking watching the tournament. This year it was a 70s theme, I did see people had made an effort this. By like last year there was just a completely random selection of outfits. Including myself, as I was just dressed in an Hawaiian shirt...this would have been good for last years beach theme.
The whole day was a lot of fun, I did not watch too many rugby matches, I was busy drinking and enjoying the atmosphere in the sun. And yes...I did get a little sunburnt.

The Sunday started with me and Lauren waking up without a hangover (W'HEY!). Therefore I decided we should take advantage of this sun as it will no doubt disappear.

Another typical Instagram

We made the short walk over to Richmond Park and spent the whole afternoon chilling in the sun with a little picnic chatting and listening to music. It was just perfect for a relaxing Sunday.

The whole weekend was fantastic, and I am so glad the sun appeared for the entire weekend, it was perfect timing. And it comes to no surprise to see the rain is back in action today.

I guess it's good that I am at work, where I can hide away from it all.

MH x

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Lauren said...

Gooooood weekend! :) xxx