Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Tuesday's App Today [MyFaceWhen]

Last week I reviewed the awesome app Cinemagram which helps you produce excellent cinemagraph gifs. Sticking with this theme of Gifs, I have chosen to review this new app 'MyFaceWhen' which has chosen to take Gifs into a very entertaining way.

The use of texting on a mobile phone has been around for a long time now (I don't know the exact time span), and there must be days where you find yourself tired and not in the mood to text someone back, or simply bored of the text conversation you are having with them. You sit there wishing there was an easier and perhaps more entertaining way to text someone....well here is the answer.

MyFaceWhen allows you to take a short clip of yourself on your iPhone and turn it into an animated Gif, which you can simply copy and paste into your messaging service. Meaning when someone opens up the text message from you, the animation is instantly there waiting for them to see, and fall into hysterics of laughter (hopefully).

Personally i think this app sounds hilarious, and I am looking forward to sending these small animated text messages to my friends simply for their reaction. Furthermore it will be even funnier when my friends not knowing I have this app suddenly find my face animated in a text message.

Another way to sway your decision to download this app (other than it being free) is their great demonstration video.

 MH x

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