Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Tuesday's App Today [Facebook Pages Manager]

Ever since Facebook finally released their official app after all the many smaller companies had attempted their own versions, the release was greeted with a sigh of relief across the Facebook. However, since this release the app has gone through many updates trying to put right the app to make it run smoothly, which is an ever running battle for users.

My own personal battle with the app was the Pages segment (and as you may know Facebook as a whole), as a I run several pages on Facebook, it was understandable to want this feature work well on the app. However, I am forever finding the pages continuously working then not working, which of course brings on great frustation.

Therefore Facebook have decided to release the 'Facebook Pages Manager' app, which I was delighted to see this new instalment to their product line, and the app works perfectly. You can practically do every feature involved with pages that you get through the full site on your laptop or PC, of course diluted down into a mobile version. Using the app is perfect knowing full well that updating your pages status will work first time every time. Not having that worry in the back of your mind that the page status could turn into a comment from yourself onto your own page (slightly embarrassing). Along with the issue of posting a link, and not having the same option you receive when posting a link through a profile.

I am very happy with what this app has to offer, it's perfect for my day to day routine on my smartphone. However I can't help but wonder why they didn't choose to integrate this new app into the original Facebook app, solving that constant issue of pages not working to their full potential. Furthermore switching between the pages app and the Facebook app can be quite tiresome.

Although when thinking about it, I am sure if they integrated everything this new app offers into the original the app, it would be crammed with far too much information and I guess would result in more and more frustration bug fixes. Therefore returning back to the original issue at hand.

The app is fine for now as a separate addition, as I tend to use my pages more often than my own profile, however it would be nice to be synced together to do both tasks simultaneously. It just makes sense.

MH x

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