Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Tuesday's App Today [Cinemagram]

Over the last few years there have been a sudden returning interests in Gifs, but not the horrible kind that we saw during the Geocities days. Theses Gifs are cleverly crafted in a cinematic way, and are called Cinemagraph's. Even since these amazing things arrived onto the net I have been hunting high and low for an app that helps you create these wonderful things, and over the weekend I think the search is over, and it's called Cinemagram.

This app has a well designed program to generate these small Cinemagraphs instantly onto your phone.  Of course you can't help but take note with the name being ever so similar to Instagram. Along with the similar name the app has similar UI to Instagram, however this does make it easily accessible and quick to use. And just like Instagram it includes the social function of having a profile for people to friend (which is a dated profile function for the net nowadays) or follow someone (which is more recognisable amongst the net).

The 'popular' section just like Instagram is also there, to discover over Cinemagraph's around the globe which of course will be far better than yours, but on the flip side would perhaps give you inspiration for your own creations. The app includes filters to give your creations that extra edge, however I think this is still in early stages as the selection does not come close to competing with the filters on Instagram.

One more criticism comes when creating your Cinemagraph's, other than this process being quite slow when loading. If you are choosing to listen to music on your iPhone, the app instantly cuts out the music when choosing and making your video clip  (just like in the iPhones built in photo gallery). However I do not think this needs to happen, because sound is not included in Cinemagraphs. Therefore is rather annoying.

Hopefully like the filters this is early stages, so this issue will be rectified in future updates.

Other than that this app is good fun, and any iPhone user who is interested in film of photography should get hold of this app to discover a different edge to their interests.

MH x


daisychain said...

My brother was using this app the other week, it's fab!

Matthew Hoare said...

It's amazing isn't it. I've had so much fun with it already!