Thursday, 3 May 2012

Totes Retro

I hope you don't mind if today I envolve myself with a bit of self promotion.

I have started up a very small company called Totes Retro. It is a very simple concept to sell individual hand drawn designs onto tote bags, and so far I have collection of three designs;

Pac Man
Space Invaders
You can buy each of these designs from my online store, and they are dead £5 each which includes p&P. Which I think is very reasonable, and will be the perfect purchase to take with you to the festivals when they start over the summer. I know I would buy one!

I will make new designs in the future. You can keep up to date with the goings on with this small company, and enter the competitions to win the bags for FREE through the Facebook and Twitter pages. 

Let me know what you think of them.

MH x


daisychain said...

these are seriously awesome!

Matthew Hoare said...

Why thank you very much :)
Maybe you should get one? ;)
OR help spread the word of them :)