Wednesday, 16 May 2012


On July 1st the contract a my current flat in Kingston comes to an end. I have been living in this house with two good friends I met at university, so it's been nice to sill be in contact with them since graduating last year in May (wow that year has flown by). This flat has acted as a stepping stone for us to find our feet and get into the ideal job we deserve.

Now the year is up me and one of my current housemates, along with his brother are on the look out for our next place where we could end up living in for more than that just the 1 year. We are staying as housemates due to working in the same industry and both wanting to move closer into London, the same situation for his brother.

We are hoping to live around and close any stations in the Wimbledon / Southfield / Earlsfield areas. And this prospect of living in a house for more than one year with not knowing how long is quite exciting for me. As we can finally look for house that is well presented, and will keep it in good condition.

Now being a graduate for a year I am tired of living in houses where the hygiene and cleanliness is not up to scratch. This next step in my live is looking a lot more serious, and I am enjoying the idea of moving into a place for a few years and really making it my own, getting that real settled feeling. It's going to be a good chapter.

I am already look around the internet for ideas on perhaps how I would decorate and what things I would have for parts of the house. Of course this all depends on the landlord letting us customise things to certain point, and of course the opinions on the other housemates. But I can still look into ideas for my own room.

MH x

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lettersfromlaunna said...

Good luck in finding that new house. I know how you feel for five years I moved every single year, I never got settled, I have been in my current home for almost 4 years, I finally started making it mine last year, lots more to do but at least I finally felt settled... I believe until I am into a house, I will probably never feel completely settled. Have a great day :)