Friday, 4 May 2012

Film Review Friday [One Day, 2011]

This week's film was chosen by take it away!

This week I picked for us to watch One Day. Having both read the book by David, we were keen to watch the film adaptation to see if it matched up in any way to the novel. I felt a bit doubtful about it (and whether Anne Hathaway could pull off a believable English accent) but with these doubts in mind, we proceeded to watch.
If you haven't read the book or seen the film, the story is based around two main characters Emma and Dexter, and their relationship over the years. We get to peek into their lives on the same date each year, 15th July, to see where they are in their lives, and whether they are together or apart. I did find that the first few years felt a bit rushed, you didn't really get the same background on their friendship that you get from the book, which I think is crucial to the plot as you realise they are perfect for each other and you really really hope they'll be together one day, but I didn't really get the sense of this from the film. The second half of the film was great, as it focused more on Dexter and Emma when they'd finally got together, which really tugs at the heartstrings when you see Dexter's suffering and sense of loss towards the end. I also liked how the film mirrored the book with the retrospective section at the end, going back to the first day they met at graduation - I really thought this might be cut from the adaptation, so I was really pleased to see it had been kept. 

I think the casting for the film was fantastic - Anne Hathaway was perfect for the role of Emma; the quiet, slightly geeky girl who blossoms and becomes more beautiful as the years go on. As for Dexter, played by Jim Sturgess, I thought the casting was amazing! He was exactly how I'd imagined him when reading the book and he played the part of cheeky chappy so well! 

Overall, I enjoyed the film, but the fact that you didn't get a sense of what their friendship was really like kind of brought it down for me! But definitely a lovely film, of course, I had a little cry! I recommend you see it if you haven't already!

Oh and Anne Hathaway's English accent isn't half bad actually!

I totally agree with all Lauren's opinion,  and I think the film had room to include an extra 30 minutes to gain a better background for the viewer in the first half of the film.


Anonymous said...

The film doesn't even come close to matching the book, although it was a very good adaptation, regardless.

Matthew Hoare said...

No I totally agree, they made a good attempt. But, no way did I feel connected with Dexter and Emma, as I did with the book .