Friday, 18 May 2012

Film Review Friday [American Reunion, 2012]

This week me and Lauren went to the cinema, and it was her take it away! 

This week, we took a little trip out to the cinema! :) We tried last week but that was an epic fail! But this week, there were so many more films to choose from! Every cloud and all that. We whittled it down to American Reunion and Dark Shadows, although I've been warned that Dark Shadows is a bit disappointing, so I chose American Reunion. I wasn't expecting much, I'm not going to lie! I always find that the further down the line you get with sequels, the worse and worse they get. HOWEVER! As the film began, the first thing I heard was 'My mind's telling me noooo...' (ah yeaaah, Bump n Grind by R Kelly!) and instantly, I felt a bit better about the film!

If you didn't already know, American Reunion is the fourth in the series of the American Pie films. And just in case you've been hiding under a rock for the past decade or so, the films are a comedy series based around a group of teenagers who are all desperate to lose their virginity. The reunion is based 10 years after the gang graduated from high school, and many of them are now married with children etc. It was great to see the original cast all together again, and seeing how they'd aged!

At first, I actually thought the film was going to go along the lines of The Hangover, because it showed all the lads going out and getting completely wrecked - hence us finding Jim asleep in the kitchen, minus his trousers, without a clue of what had happened. Thankfully(!), it didn't go down that route and carried on in true American Pie style, with lots of jokes, sex and, of course, boobies. The main plot surrounds Jim and Michelle, who are now married and have a son...which means they have a pretty non existent sex life. Cue lots of sex fails and mishaps, and you start to wonder if they'll ever get it on again! Turns out, this film is HILARIOUS! My favourite character has to be Jim's dad, and he was on top form, as always!

A must see for fans of the series. And if you're in doubt because, like me, you usually think most sequels suck...just go and see it! It's actually hilarious, I was actually in stitches the whole way through!

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