Thursday, 17 May 2012


Occasionally when I am in a deep sleep I have some strange vivid dreams, last night this was a great example with having two of them.

First off I appeared in a shopping centre with a good friend of mine. I found jacket at the back of a shop that I really liked. After walking over to show my friend he decides he likes it more than me for himself. I then find some money left in one of the pockets. This provokes my friend to want the jacket even more, which turns into a fight.

We are both on the floor with fists flying all over the place. When a member of staff rushes over to break it up, she throws something over that hits me straight on the back of my head. This object hits me so hard that my head starts to bleed. The dream was so real in my mind that I could actually feel the blood....quite odd.

The second dream started off with me appearing in a large office building. Where I then discover its Alan Sugars building and all the participants from
The Apprentice appear, and we are suddenly having a tour around the building from the guy who won the show last year (however that may be).

We were given a 'behind the scenes' tour of Alan's offices with all the projects he is working on, and it wasn't very interesting. Although at random moments three teenage girls would appear and run past, wearing jumpers with the badge of the secondary school, Henry Cort which I left in 2005. These girls kept interrupting the tour, which made me Tweet about it along the lines of 'Man... Girls from Henry Cort are still annoying as they used to be'

Both dreams were pretty odd, resulting in me waking up and knowing straight away I have to write them down.

Do you ever have such random dreams?

MH x


Lauren said...

In my dream..I made a superhero milkshake? It didn't taste very nice. xxx

Matthew Hoare said...

haha you never fail to have random dreams! x xx

lettersfromlaunna said...

I have had many random dreams in my life... they are so real and when I wake up I wonder if they really happened. Most times I am relieved they are not. Just because they are so odd, lol.