Thursday, 31 May 2012

You need a tent?

The sun is shining in the sky, and we are all loving it right? I am sure this sunshine is putting a lot of you in the mood for the festivals that are soon to approach us...I know I cannot wait for that time of year (this year I am attending Field Day and Bestival).

Now, with any weekend festival's you need a good tent to sleep in, and why not stand out from the crowd with one these amazing tents that Lauren pointed me towards yesterday from Field Candy.

Currently still my favourite
Would love to see this in the field,
and someone slowly approach the tent
All these tents have been designed by a selection of designers, and I think they all amazing, check the rest of the site for all the designers, they are so funny. Another great one is a brick wall design.

There is a slight catch with these amazing tents, and thats the price tag. They don't come cheap, but I am sure this due to the print looking a high quality, so they are worth the money.

I am a big fan of novelty and clever design like this, if you know of any other places that have same idea then let me know. I would love to look.

MH x

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

A new music video

On Monday myself and Matthew Connell sent off a treatment for the next music under Fenixx. Yesterday we were informed the record label read over the treatment, and they loved it. We are delighted to be working on a new music video, and this band is of a different genre we have not worked with before, therefore the concept will be good fun to project into video.

As usual with other projects I wont go into too much detail just yet, and of course I will post stuff on here once we go into production. Which will be very soon, as this video is going to be a very quick turn around. Which is fantastic news, as this will give this job a more professional feel to it.

Watch this space.

SIDE NOTE. Earlier this week Kid Champion released this nice acoustic version of 'Everyday is a Holiday' watch it below, and let me know what you think.

MH x 

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Tuesday's App Today [Facebook Pages Manager]

Ever since Facebook finally released their official app after all the many smaller companies had attempted their own versions, the release was greeted with a sigh of relief across the Facebook. However, since this release the app has gone through many updates trying to put right the app to make it run smoothly, which is an ever running battle for users.

My own personal battle with the app was the Pages segment (and as you may know Facebook as a whole), as a I run several pages on Facebook, it was understandable to want this feature work well on the app. However, I am forever finding the pages continuously working then not working, which of course brings on great frustation.

Therefore Facebook have decided to release the 'Facebook Pages Manager' app, which I was delighted to see this new instalment to their product line, and the app works perfectly. You can practically do every feature involved with pages that you get through the full site on your laptop or PC, of course diluted down into a mobile version. Using the app is perfect knowing full well that updating your pages status will work first time every time. Not having that worry in the back of your mind that the page status could turn into a comment from yourself onto your own page (slightly embarrassing). Along with the issue of posting a link, and not having the same option you receive when posting a link through a profile.

I am very happy with what this app has to offer, it's perfect for my day to day routine on my smartphone. However I can't help but wonder why they didn't choose to integrate this new app into the original Facebook app, solving that constant issue of pages not working to their full potential. Furthermore switching between the pages app and the Facebook app can be quite tiresome.

Although when thinking about it, I am sure if they integrated everything this new app offers into the original the app, it would be crammed with far too much information and I guess would result in more and more frustration bug fixes. Therefore returning back to the original issue at hand.

The app is fine for now as a separate addition, as I tend to use my pages more often than my own profile, however it would be nice to be synced together to do both tasks simultaneously. It just makes sense.

MH x

Monday, 28 May 2012

The Weekend [26 + 27th May]

My weekend kicked off with Friday, where I attended my 5th London Critical Mass. The ride was brilliant as always, and with the weather being perfect it meant a lot of people were participating. If you're not sure what Critical Mass is I suggest you Google it, the event is perfect, and if you ride a bike then I strongly suggest you join in with next months!

The evening ended with a few drinks and music under either Festival Pier on South Bank. After the chilling I managed to miss my train home from Waterloo, which unfortunately meant me riding from London Waterloo all the way to Kingston (I wasn't going to fork out for a taxi), the ride was tiring and took around just over an hour, which I think isn't too bad.

The Saturday was spent in around London with Lauren, we decided on having a small tourist day out. We visiting the famous Zebra Crossing on Abbey Road, looked around Sherlock Holmes house on Baker Street, took in the view on Pimrose Hill and ended the day chilling in Soho square with some sushi. We hand a wonderful day, and look forward to the day when we have more money between us to spend.

The Sunday was another early start for a new video shoot under Fenixx. We went around Southbank to shoot a showreel for one of the presenters on Super Busy Chicks. The weather was perfect for this shoot, so much sunshine meaning the footage on the Canon 5D looked bloody amazing.

When finished the evening take some shoots for Fenixx's next music video release, but I will explain that more later when I can.

Wow....long post today.

MH x

Friday, 25 May 2012

No Film Review Friday

Unfortunately there is going to be no Film Review Friday today. Due to me being busy enjoying the sunshine this week and not sitting down to watch a film.

Last night I had my first BBQ of the year and it was bloody brilliant!

Tonight I will be attending Critical Mass which I haven't attended for a long time. And judging by the weather it's going to be an amazing night.

I will let you know how that went down on Monday and I will make sure I have a Film Review Friday.

Enjoy the weekend in the sun!

MH x

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Super Busy Chicks episode 1

A few days ago I mentioned in a blog post about a web series I have been filming under Fenixx. Throughout the blog post I kept the details to a minmun to keep back the idea for numeruous reasons and secrecy.

However, yesterday the first episode for this web series went live, and I can officially announce to you the show is called, Super Busy Chicks.

Here is episode 1 which you can watch in its entirety below.

I am very proud with this new project, I'm looking forward to the response we will recieve, and how this show will progress and evolve over the upcoming months.

Hopefully it will turn out to be something big.

MH x

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

How Instagram grew so quickly! [INFOGRAPH]

I love a good Infograph, and I also love Instagram, so i think this is the perfect combination for today's blog post, and the information is very interesting and rather staggering.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Tuesday's App Today [MyFaceWhen]

Last week I reviewed the awesome app Cinemagram which helps you produce excellent cinemagraph gifs. Sticking with this theme of Gifs, I have chosen to review this new app 'MyFaceWhen' which has chosen to take Gifs into a very entertaining way.

The use of texting on a mobile phone has been around for a long time now (I don't know the exact time span), and there must be days where you find yourself tired and not in the mood to text someone back, or simply bored of the text conversation you are having with them. You sit there wishing there was an easier and perhaps more entertaining way to text someone....well here is the answer.

MyFaceWhen allows you to take a short clip of yourself on your iPhone and turn it into an animated Gif, which you can simply copy and paste into your messaging service. Meaning when someone opens up the text message from you, the animation is instantly there waiting for them to see, and fall into hysterics of laughter (hopefully).

Personally i think this app sounds hilarious, and I am looking forward to sending these small animated text messages to my friends simply for their reaction. Furthermore it will be even funnier when my friends not knowing I have this app suddenly find my face animated in a text message.

Another way to sway your decision to download this app (other than it being free) is their great demonstration video.

 MH x

Monday, 21 May 2012

The Weekend [19 + 20th May]

If you remember last week I blogged about looking into moving on to a new house with my current housemate and his brother. Well on Saturday we had some viewings booked in for the day, and we now officially have a new flat to live in! We are going to be living in a really nice flat over in Southfields.

This new flat is going to be excellent, as my journey into work will been shortened a considerable amount, by about 20 minutes. This does not sound a lot...but every minute counts to me. An added bonus to this new flat (according to the estate agent) is that Martine Mccutcheon lives in the posher/richer new housing estate opposite. I think my efforts will be made to befriend her. 

Southfields is two stops away from Wimbledon, so I shall definitely take advantage in this during July for the tournament. 

Sunday I spent the day in London with Lauren, where we headed over to Brick Lane for Beyond Retro's 50% sale to celebrate their 10th birthday. In the shop it was advertised as a secret...but personally I don't think it was a huge secret. 

Second to browsing in Beyond Retro I went to the bike market in Brick Lane (don't worry not the stolen bike section) where I bought a new white tyre for my bike, which I admit was a sudden purchase...and as you can see by the picture below the bike is now looking amazing.

Also...note I am gradually covering my bike in stickers, so if you know anywhere I can get free stickers I would love to know. 

MH x 

Friday, 18 May 2012

Film Review Friday [American Reunion, 2012]

This week me and Lauren went to the cinema, and it was her take it away! 

This week, we took a little trip out to the cinema! :) We tried last week but that was an epic fail! But this week, there were so many more films to choose from! Every cloud and all that. We whittled it down to American Reunion and Dark Shadows, although I've been warned that Dark Shadows is a bit disappointing, so I chose American Reunion. I wasn't expecting much, I'm not going to lie! I always find that the further down the line you get with sequels, the worse and worse they get. HOWEVER! As the film began, the first thing I heard was 'My mind's telling me noooo...' (ah yeaaah, Bump n Grind by R Kelly!) and instantly, I felt a bit better about the film!

If you didn't already know, American Reunion is the fourth in the series of the American Pie films. And just in case you've been hiding under a rock for the past decade or so, the films are a comedy series based around a group of teenagers who are all desperate to lose their virginity. The reunion is based 10 years after the gang graduated from high school, and many of them are now married with children etc. It was great to see the original cast all together again, and seeing how they'd aged!

At first, I actually thought the film was going to go along the lines of The Hangover, because it showed all the lads going out and getting completely wrecked - hence us finding Jim asleep in the kitchen, minus his trousers, without a clue of what had happened. Thankfully(!), it didn't go down that route and carried on in true American Pie style, with lots of jokes, sex and, of course, boobies. The main plot surrounds Jim and Michelle, who are now married and have a son...which means they have a pretty non existent sex life. Cue lots of sex fails and mishaps, and you start to wonder if they'll ever get it on again! Turns out, this film is HILARIOUS! My favourite character has to be Jim's dad, and he was on top form, as always!

A must see for fans of the series. And if you're in doubt because, like me, you usually think most sequels suck...just go and see it! It's actually hilarious, I was actually in stitches the whole way through!

Thursday, 17 May 2012


Occasionally when I am in a deep sleep I have some strange vivid dreams, last night this was a great example with having two of them.

First off I appeared in a shopping centre with a good friend of mine. I found jacket at the back of a shop that I really liked. After walking over to show my friend he decides he likes it more than me for himself. I then find some money left in one of the pockets. This provokes my friend to want the jacket even more, which turns into a fight.

We are both on the floor with fists flying all over the place. When a member of staff rushes over to break it up, she throws something over that hits me straight on the back of my head. This object hits me so hard that my head starts to bleed. The dream was so real in my mind that I could actually feel the blood....quite odd.

The second dream started off with me appearing in a large office building. Where I then discover its Alan Sugars building and all the participants from
The Apprentice appear, and we are suddenly having a tour around the building from the guy who won the show last year (however that may be).

We were given a 'behind the scenes' tour of Alan's offices with all the projects he is working on, and it wasn't very interesting. Although at random moments three teenage girls would appear and run past, wearing jumpers with the badge of the secondary school, Henry Cort which I left in 2005. These girls kept interrupting the tour, which made me Tweet about it along the lines of 'Man... Girls from Henry Cort are still annoying as they used to be'

Both dreams were pretty odd, resulting in me waking up and knowing straight away I have to write them down.

Do you ever have such random dreams?

MH x

Wednesday, 16 May 2012


On July 1st the contract a my current flat in Kingston comes to an end. I have been living in this house with two good friends I met at university, so it's been nice to sill be in contact with them since graduating last year in May (wow that year has flown by). This flat has acted as a stepping stone for us to find our feet and get into the ideal job we deserve.

Now the year is up me and one of my current housemates, along with his brother are on the look out for our next place where we could end up living in for more than that just the 1 year. We are staying as housemates due to working in the same industry and both wanting to move closer into London, the same situation for his brother.

We are hoping to live around and close any stations in the Wimbledon / Southfield / Earlsfield areas. And this prospect of living in a house for more than one year with not knowing how long is quite exciting for me. As we can finally look for house that is well presented, and will keep it in good condition.

Now being a graduate for a year I am tired of living in houses where the hygiene and cleanliness is not up to scratch. This next step in my live is looking a lot more serious, and I am enjoying the idea of moving into a place for a few years and really making it my own, getting that real settled feeling. It's going to be a good chapter.

I am already look around the internet for ideas on perhaps how I would decorate and what things I would have for parts of the house. Of course this all depends on the landlord letting us customise things to certain point, and of course the opinions on the other housemates. But I can still look into ideas for my own room.

MH x

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Tuesday's App Today [Cinemagram]

Over the last few years there have been a sudden returning interests in Gifs, but not the horrible kind that we saw during the Geocities days. Theses Gifs are cleverly crafted in a cinematic way, and are called Cinemagraph's. Even since these amazing things arrived onto the net I have been hunting high and low for an app that helps you create these wonderful things, and over the weekend I think the search is over, and it's called Cinemagram.

This app has a well designed program to generate these small Cinemagraphs instantly onto your phone.  Of course you can't help but take note with the name being ever so similar to Instagram. Along with the similar name the app has similar UI to Instagram, however this does make it easily accessible and quick to use. And just like Instagram it includes the social function of having a profile for people to friend (which is a dated profile function for the net nowadays) or follow someone (which is more recognisable amongst the net).

The 'popular' section just like Instagram is also there, to discover over Cinemagraph's around the globe which of course will be far better than yours, but on the flip side would perhaps give you inspiration for your own creations. The app includes filters to give your creations that extra edge, however I think this is still in early stages as the selection does not come close to competing with the filters on Instagram.

One more criticism comes when creating your Cinemagraph's, other than this process being quite slow when loading. If you are choosing to listen to music on your iPhone, the app instantly cuts out the music when choosing and making your video clip  (just like in the iPhones built in photo gallery). However I do not think this needs to happen, because sound is not included in Cinemagraphs. Therefore is rather annoying.

Hopefully like the filters this is early stages, so this issue will be rectified in future updates.

Other than that this app is good fun, and any iPhone user who is interested in film of photography should get hold of this app to discover a different edge to their interests.

MH x

Monday, 14 May 2012

The Weekend [12 + 13th May]

Upon waking up on Saturday morning to find the sun blaring through my window I knew instantly it was going to be a good weekend. And I was going to take full advantage of the sunshine!

Saturday was spent over in Twickenham where me, Lauren, my housemate Luke and his mates spent the day at Twickenham Stadium for the Rugby Sevens tournament. This is my second time at this event, and the atmosphere has not change a single bit.

Rugby Sevens is a full day of rugby where the spectators turn up in fancy dress (depending on the theme that year) and have fun in the sun whilst drinking watching the tournament. This year it was a 70s theme, I did see people had made an effort this. By like last year there was just a completely random selection of outfits. Including myself, as I was just dressed in an Hawaiian shirt...this would have been good for last years beach theme.
The whole day was a lot of fun, I did not watch too many rugby matches, I was busy drinking and enjoying the atmosphere in the sun. And yes...I did get a little sunburnt.

The Sunday started with me and Lauren waking up without a hangover (W'HEY!). Therefore I decided we should take advantage of this sun as it will no doubt disappear.

Another typical Instagram

We made the short walk over to Richmond Park and spent the whole afternoon chilling in the sun with a little picnic chatting and listening to music. It was just perfect for a relaxing Sunday.

The whole weekend was fantastic, and I am so glad the sun appeared for the entire weekend, it was perfect timing. And it comes to no surprise to see the rain is back in action today.

I guess it's good that I am at work, where I can hide away from it all.

MH x

Friday, 11 May 2012

Film Review Friday [Untraceable, 2008]

Untraceable tells the story of FBI agent Jennifer Marsh (Diane Lane) who is tasked to hunt down a seemingly untraceable serial killer who posts live videos of his victims on the Internet. As time runs out, the cat and mouse chase becomes more personal.

I remember this film getting cinema release and I was intrigued to watch it, as the story interested me (not for my own personal ideas).  I enjoy a bonkers storyline, which you could perhaps in extreme cases these ideas could happen in the real work, like the Saw saga and Hannibal. I'm not a fan of the horror/thrillers that include monsters and ghosts. 

With this interest in the back of my mind I began watching the film with high expectations. However, I have to be honest this was lowered swiftly from the start, as the script and ideas were a bit unrealistic. Jennifer starts the film off in her office with her partner in crime, Griffin Dowd (Colin Hanks) cracking down on some cybercrime, which to be honest seemed a little too easy and quick. Now I am not a cybercrime expert, however I would not be surprised if cracking down on cybercrime is not that easy to achieve. 

I let this introduction to the film wash over and not take me down too much. However, there was more elements to knock down my expectations further, and that was the acting. I felt the actors were all a little 'wooden' to watch. All their lines seemed to be delivered a little too forced, meaning their characters were not believable, this gave the impression the shooting was rushed, letting the actors only deliver their lines only once on set, with no retakes. 

Having said all this, I was still enjoying the backbone of the story, with the website broadcasting Owen Reilly's (Joseph Cross) live murders (again not to give myself ideas). I felt this concept was original, and fitting with our ever growing internet culture. Also like every crime film I enjoyed the ending segment when all the evidences are pieced together solving the puzzle, this part of any crime film interests me greatly. 

MH x 

Thursday, 10 May 2012

FENIXX receive a nomination for best music video!

Over the last few months or so I have been submitting Fenixx's music video for Kid Champion into various film festivals up and down the country. I am still doing this at its great exposure for us.

Then out the blue on Tuesday night Thurrock International Film Festival announced that we have been nominated in the Music Video category for the Kid Champion music video that we released earlier this year, 'Forgotten What It Feel Like'.

Of course I am totally over the moon with this nomination. I am delighted to be associated with this film festival, and I am keeping my hopes up for when the winners are announced at the ceremony on June 30th. And who knows what could develop from this nomination.

For now keep your fingers crossed for us, and watch the video:

In other news we have a new video set to be released for Kid Champion very very soon (it's not exactly a music video). Plus we are shooting their next music video in the next few weeks.

Exciting times ahead, watch this space.

MH x

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The Weekend [5 + 6th May]

As I mentioned on Monday with the bank holiday I decided to take the day off from the blog, and wait until today for the regular weekend post.

My weekend started off great from the Friday evening, where I chatted to my office manager who informed me I had officially passed the probation at work and therefore from immediate affect start full contract at th1ng, with the added bonus of a nice pay rise. So of course I was extremely happy, and in the evening I attending the birthday celebrations with one of my colleagues. With my early good news at the back of mind, I was even more up for getting envolved with the celebrations.

The following Saturday started with no hangover (good start) which then proceeded to meeting Lauren in Richmond for a look around the town followed by a lunch date in Nando's, where we shared a whole chicken, thanks to Lauren's completed Nando's Card (I am sure Lauren would have more to say about our day in Richmond, as it started with a fail on behalf)

The Sunday was the most demanding day for me, where I spent the early afternoon to late evening working on camera for Hudson & Butches new short-film. The whole day progressed very well, we all worked well together professionally, and the selection of actors we had were fantastic.

The story is set around a friendship group who work at a local cinema, where the lead girl finds herself into a bit of trouble. I wont go into too much detail, as I don't want to ruin it.

I went through the rushes yesterday, and I was very impressed with how it's looking already, the final piece is going to look very impressive, and I must say my camera work has been improved (sorry for blowing my trumpet.)

MH x

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Tuesday's App Today [Faerie Planet]

I have been working for the company th1ng for just over 4 months now. The whole time I have bee working for them, they have been producing an iPhone app, Faerie Planet. Only a few weeks ago the app got its official release through the new mobile devision company, th3ng.

I, of course, was excited to see this app get released, as I have been working close to this app, being able to see glimpses of the app in development now and again over the few months. Having an interested in the app industry (a reason for these blog posts) increased my excitement for the release of Faerie Planet.

Every child wishes they could find fairies at the bottom of their garden, and Faerie Planet is the ultimate app to achieve this. The aim of the game is to use the built in fairy catch and hunt around greenery until a fairy pops up onto the screen and you frantically tap the screen to capture the fairy.

The game is a lot of the fun, and when the fairys pop out of the greenery and fly towards the screen, and they can sometimes appear as a shock (well it did for me). It can come across quite realistic, and the aim to frantically tap the screen to catch them can become quite a challenge. You quite literally have to spin around the spot up and down side to side to try and catch the little fairy. Once you catch the fairy you have the opportunity to keep them or give them back to where you found them.

The whole game is a lot of fun, when you picture yourself running around trying to catch a fairy into your phone, you can find yourself getting caught up in the games action. Due to the simplicity of the game, my interest would probably decrease rather swiftly. However, this game is clearly aimed for the child audience therefore I can see them spending hours trying to catch these many fairies.

MH x

Monday, 7 May 2012

Bank Holiday

As you know today is a Bank Holiday Monday, therefore like everyone else having a day off from work (unless you the unlucky ones in retail) I thought I would take a day off from writing a real blog entry today.

I will back to regular schedule tomorrow (Tuesday's App Today) and I shall write about my weekend on Wednesday (because it is worth writing about).

Enjoy the rest of your bank holiday whatever you may be doing...just a shame it's still miserable weather over here.

MH x

Friday, 4 May 2012

Film Review Friday [One Day, 2011]

This week's film was chosen by take it away!

This week I picked for us to watch One Day. Having both read the book by David, we were keen to watch the film adaptation to see if it matched up in any way to the novel. I felt a bit doubtful about it (and whether Anne Hathaway could pull off a believable English accent) but with these doubts in mind, we proceeded to watch.
If you haven't read the book or seen the film, the story is based around two main characters Emma and Dexter, and their relationship over the years. We get to peek into their lives on the same date each year, 15th July, to see where they are in their lives, and whether they are together or apart. I did find that the first few years felt a bit rushed, you didn't really get the same background on their friendship that you get from the book, which I think is crucial to the plot as you realise they are perfect for each other and you really really hope they'll be together one day, but I didn't really get the sense of this from the film. The second half of the film was great, as it focused more on Dexter and Emma when they'd finally got together, which really tugs at the heartstrings when you see Dexter's suffering and sense of loss towards the end. I also liked how the film mirrored the book with the retrospective section at the end, going back to the first day they met at graduation - I really thought this might be cut from the adaptation, so I was really pleased to see it had been kept. 

I think the casting for the film was fantastic - Anne Hathaway was perfect for the role of Emma; the quiet, slightly geeky girl who blossoms and becomes more beautiful as the years go on. As for Dexter, played by Jim Sturgess, I thought the casting was amazing! He was exactly how I'd imagined him when reading the book and he played the part of cheeky chappy so well! 

Overall, I enjoyed the film, but the fact that you didn't get a sense of what their friendship was really like kind of brought it down for me! But definitely a lovely film, of course, I had a little cry! I recommend you see it if you haven't already!

Oh and Anne Hathaway's English accent isn't half bad actually!

I totally agree with all Lauren's opinion,  and I think the film had room to include an extra 30 minutes to gain a better background for the viewer in the first half of the film.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Totes Retro

I hope you don't mind if today I envolve myself with a bit of self promotion.

I have started up a very small company called Totes Retro. It is a very simple concept to sell individual hand drawn designs onto tote bags, and so far I have collection of three designs;

Pac Man
Space Invaders
You can buy each of these designs from my online store, and they are dead £5 each which includes p&P. Which I think is very reasonable, and will be the perfect purchase to take with you to the festivals when they start over the summer. I know I would buy one!

I will make new designs in the future. You can keep up to date with the goings on with this small company, and enter the competitions to win the bags for FREE through the Facebook and Twitter pages. 

Let me know what you think of them.

MH x

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Last night me and Lauren booked our Eurostart tickets and hotel stay for when we head off to Disneyland Paris in the middle of August. We have 2 FREE tickets to Disneyland, thanks to Sky Rewards...which I don't think was advertised strongly, as no one apart from a select few seemed to know about it.

Of course myself and Lauren are dead excited, it's going to be a great weekend away together. We have booked a hotel for the whole weekend, including the Monday. That way we can enjoy the park on the Saturday (that was our allocated day from Sky), then of course do some sightseeing (maybe shopping) on the Sunday, and a majority of the Monday.

The last time I traveled to Paris was February last year for a music video shoot, we were constantly shooting for a total of just over 24 hours, of course we got a small amount of sleep in the nearest hostel. It felt like a weeks worth of touring round Paris crammed into one day. So of course it will be nice to go back to Paris in August with Lauren and enjoy it properly, because I have practically forgotten about going back in February last year.

And I believe the last time I went to Disneyland was back in 2008 with my college, and that was a lot of fun...we felt like big kids. I will definitely have this feeling all over again.

Can't wait!

MH x

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Tuesday's App Today [LogoQuiz]

The other evening my phone went through a spring clean over the apps and I deleted the majority that have only been opened the first time they were installed. After looking on the Top 25 free apps I found, LogoQuiz. I swiftly downloaded this app to see what it has to show, and instantly I was hooked.

Looking at the icon and the name of the app it doesn't take a genius to work out what the app is all about..... of course it's guessing what the logo is on screen to collect points and advance to the next level.

This may sound like a boring idea for a game, however you are 100% wrong. You start off at the bottom, on level one (obviously) and of course the logos are relatively easy. This boosts your confidence (well it did for me) and you progress through guessing every logo left right and centre with no hassle. You are soon only small segments of the logo and have to guess from there, the game doesn't reveal anything more, only casual hints (which don't help too much).

You progress into the next levels and if course it becomes tougher and you see logos where you think to yourself: 'I have never seen that bloody logo' or 'that's not a real company...!'. Basically a lot of fun for 10 minutes of your time, you are constantly finding yourself wanting to get the top score to progress quicker, with that 10 minutes turning into 45 minutes.

The design of the app is visually pleasing to the eye, therefore this gives another reason to come back and enjoy the app further, with the app working seamlessly. Although I will say this, the keyboard is modified to fit in with the design of the app, which is great. However, this does raise an issue to people like myself who know their way around the iPhone keyboard and can do it with their eyes shut. With this modification of layout and colour you do find yourself occasionally pressing the wrong keys, resulting in some frustration.

Other than this small hiccup the game is good quick fun and with the being no need for internet you can play it anyway and everywhere. I urge anyone to download it.... after all the game is free.

MH x