Monday, 9 April 2012

The Weekend [7 + 8th April]

I know this post is a little late, but its a Bank Holiday after all. A time to take things slow.

My weekend consisted of a plan that was booked into my diary a good few months back, it was to spend a night out in Bournemouth town to celebrate Luke's, (my housemate) birthday. The first and the last time I had a night out in Bournemouth with Luke with his mates I didn't remember much the next morning, so my expectations were again high for this evening.

We went to the Hawaiian themed bar Lola Lo, where on entry we were giving a set of flowers and leis around our necks to set us into the Hawaiian mood. The club was decked out to keep in with it's theme. Including a large (I'll admit expensive) cocktail list. This included large sharing cocktails, which my other housemate, Theresa insisted on buying one for Luke. This sharing cocktail arrived on the bar in a large wooden barrel for all of us to drink out of. It was a great sight to see us all crowded round this barrel with straws in hand sipping up all the alcohol.

Of course as the night progressed and the drinks carried on pouring we became more and more drunk. However, Luke was the worst amongst the bunch, who ended up having a little nap in the seating area.

Thankfully the morning after I had no hangover to moan about, as of recently I tend to get them quite bad. So as you would expect I was happy to realise there was no tragedy to wake up to. This great start to the morning after was lifted higher when Luke's parents were kindly enough to cook a huge fry up for all of us.

This of course set right for the remainder of the day which was spent round Lauren's grandparents house for a small Easter Sunday celebration, which was lovely. Now today our day is going to be spent in front the TV eating Easter eggs as we are both lucky enough to have the Monday off. We are planning to watch some films, however the choice on TV is not the best for a bank holiday....raiding the DVD case is in order.

I hope you had a nice Easter break.

MH x

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