Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Web Designing

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Over the last couple of days I have been designing a website portfolio for a friend of mine, who shares common skills interests as me. Also he has helped us out with Fenixx video shoots in the past, and I am sure will help on future ones.
I haven't designed a website for a while, therefore I decided on improving my technique, and picking up some new skills that I had been meaning to learn for quite some time.

You can see the website here, which is still in early stages therefore it may have changed here and there depending on when you are choosing to look at the site.

I am really proud of how the site is looking so far, and from making this one I want to look over my own portfolio website. I tend to do this a lot changing parts here and there, I'm never fully satisfied with the website. However with these new skills I have learnt the website could now look more professional and eye catching. No doubt I will show you that soon.

Also, I randomly decided on making a little logo for Laurens blog.

MH x


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Matthew Hoare said...

Thanks, never knew that......

Ehtesham Hyder said...

thanks for sharing. i have seen your site, it is so appealing.

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Anonymous said...

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Mary Rogers said...

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