Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Tuesday's App Today - 'MapMyRide'

Since working in London I have been riding my bike to the train station and back every day for the quick commute. Originally I was attending the gym, however due to finances I unfortunately left. Therefore on most weekends I decided to go on longer bike rides around the area, this mainly happens around Richmond Park. When doing these rides, I wanted to keep up with my progression to see how worth while they were. Therefore I searched the app store and found, MapMyRide. This download has everything I was looking for in a personal fitness app.

The workout section to the app is incredibly easy to use, with its incredibly basic UI. A simple press on the workout section, then wait until the map finds your current location (which of course is built into the phone) click record...and off you go, of course during the ride you can listen to your music whilst it runs in the background. The most impressive part comes at the end of your ride, where you see the route plotted out onto the map, the tracker plots perfectly to where you have been. When you have a ride which is completely at random around your neighbourhood it's rather amusing to see your route all over the place making no sense whatsoever.

The app then gives out stats and figures briefly explaining how impressive your ride was (mine so far have been not so impressive). I am always finding it interesting to take note on how long my bike rides are, and how that workouts into an average speed. Of course the 'calorie burn' results are good to see, I know these are of course rough estimates, but still nice to read to how beneficial the ride was. You can share these workouts with your social networks which is a nice touch.

You can add people as friends who also have the app, where you can then go ahead and share with each other your workouts that you have achieved. However I have not looked into this too much, I did not download the app for the social side (I have enough of these), I simply downloaded the app for the personal fitness.

Finally there is a 'Live' section, where people can track your progress in real time throughout your workout. This section is very intriguing to me, however I believe (as I only have the free version) this is only available to people you are friends with inside the app. Personally this would be better if you could share this live feed out onto your social networks, and have people track your progress. Because no doubt you would have more friends or following outside this app.

The app is a great fun for anyone who has a bike and regularly goes on rides, therefore download the free version and and give it a go.

MH x


lettersfromlaunna said...

Thanks for sharing the app, very interesting:)

Matthew Hoare said...

You are welcome, if you ride a bike it is definitely worth look into!