Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Tuesday's App Today - 'Instagram'

Instagram has only been around since 2010 and already after 2 years on the app store the user account statistics is over 30 million. These stats are staggering and it is clear to see why when you use the app. The the app has been on my iPhone for just over a year now, and its only been in the last 6 months of heavy usage that I realised how great and fun the app is.

The app has some fantastic filters for your photos, and personally the best I have seen compared to any other photo editing apps. These filters can enhance practically any photo taken with your phone, and bring out your inner photographer. Seeing these results makes you come back to the app more and more, and with making an account you have a profile for people to follow your photos, like and comment on them. Of course you can do the same back, therefore you can discover wonderful photographs taken all round the world. You can pick up inspiration from anyone, and find profiles set up specifically for a certain type of photography which you may have a common interest in. This almost makes the app a personal experience for yourself every time you open it up and begin to take photos and choose which ones to look at.

This personal experience was strong from the get go, as the app was only available on iPhones. Which was nice, as you thought you part of this exclusive club that no one else was invited to. However like most clubs everyone wants a piece of the action therefore Instagram has recently moved over to Android market, personally I think this is fine. The app is amazing and more people need to be experiencing it. Plus it would be great for the company, which still only has 13 employees.

Now onto the even bigger news for Instagram, which of course you should know about from last week. Facebook sealed a deal to buy Instagram for around $1bn (if Mark Zuckerberg looked at the app store he would discover the app was free to buy...lol). From the outside this looks like a huge development for Instagram. If the 'big dogs' over at Facebook want to have this app it really shows how vital their service is in the app world,  I am sure Facebook have some bright ideas up their sleeves for the app. As it kills me to admit it as you know i'm not a huge fan of Facebook...but they have had some innovative ideas in the past. (Facebook Timeline)

However, I can't stop the thought of hoping Facebook don't run ahead and ruin what Instagram have to offer, as Facebook's own app for smartphones is never working properly. And from experience this has yet to happen with the Instagram app.

Also a final thought....this worry also comes from thinking what Google did when they bought Youtube back in October 2006, as everyone knows they have ever so slightly ruined the sites experience.

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