Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Tuesdays App Today - 'Draw Something'

If you take any notice to people on their phones out and about, or you are signed up to any social networking site. You would definitely be aware of the new favourite app of the moment, 'Draw Something'. The game is simply the smartphones version of the classic family board game, 'Pictionary'.

The game is highly addictive and fun, due to a number of reasons. A majority of the time you are not continuously playing your opponent head to head, therefore you have the added anticipation to what you are going to be guessing next. The feature I enjoy most is when attempting to guess the drawing, you are forced to watch your opponents drawing in real time. This is highly amusing to see your opponent go through different attempts to reach the right drawing for the word. Mimicking the same enjoyment you see when playing the board game, 'Pictionary'. The same enjoyment happens the other way round, when watching your opponent guess your drawings, putting down ridiculous letters in a row, you can almost see the cogs turning in their head whilst guessing. Also with each game you earn coins to then buy more colours to improve the quality of your drawings to turn them into some masterpieces like these. These are great incentives for any game to keep you coming back for more, if there is something to work for.

These little touches and the simple UI makes the app to be good quick fun for when traveling, or at home having a quick game during the ad breaks on TV, or just before going to bed (but then you can be playing until the early hours). Personally I would have added a chat feature into each match, therefore you could have some banter over what poor drawings you have each been drawing. However this extra feature to the game to slow down the apps efficiency even in the free version with adverts.

The app has only been around for just over 10 weeks and has already blown up in popularity. There are some mind boggling statistics on this Mashable. For me the most impressive statistic is the app reached 1 million users in only 9 days, compared to Facebook's 1 millionth user reached after 9 months. The app is continuing to grow, which of course will then settle down and we will move onto the next fun game for smartphones.

What do you think of the app, and what should I talk about next week?

MH x

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