Tuesday, 3 April 2012


I pushed myself back into posting on this blog at the beginning of the year, and set myself a new years resolution to post everyday. Of course this was swiftly changed to post every weekday. Surprisingly, without fail this has happened (with the short downtime when I went to New York).

I have throughly enjoyed posting regularly on this blog, and I believe my writing technique has improved, and setting myself this target to post everyday has been good for my organisation. (this was the main goal behind the idea)

However, over the last few weeks I have come to realise my blog does not have a definite style/genre to bring back the readers. I tend to post whatever feel like posting on that day, which is fine. But does not give the reader an expectation when stumbling across this blog. Therefore, from now on I am going to try and stick to a weekly structure. This will benefit the reader and also myself, as sometimes I struggle what to post, resulting in weak posts. The weekly structure is early days, and of course could change whenever...this is my blog after all.

The week structure is not completed, but this what I have drawn up so far;

 - Monday 'The Weekend'
During the start of the year I used Monday posts to recap what I got to up to during the weekend. I think this was effective if I had an eventual two days. Therefore I shall carry this on.

- Tuesday 'Tuesdays App Today'
During down time at work I read a lot of news sites specific to tech and social media, I have an iPhone full of apps and enjoy discovering new ones just starting out. When I find these I shall give my opinions, and have readers submit apps I should look at.

- Wednesday 'No idea'
Currently still working on a plan for this day.

- Thursday 'No idea 2'
Currently still working on a plan for this day also.

- Friday 'Film Review Friday'
Another one of my resolutions this year was to watch a film (new or old) I have not seen once a week. Fridays is a good day to post the review.

Like I said this structure is not set in stone, it could change here and there. But I think this will be a decent structure to stick to and will hopefully bring people back due to knowing what to expect to find. I hope your also interested in this structure, and If you have suggestions for the blank days please let me know.

MH x


daisychain said...

I tried to set up a plan for my blog, but I was utterly hopeless at remembering to do it!

MatthewHoare said...

I am sure I will miss some days out with people posts now and again.
But another reason for it was to give me a subjet all the time, I've found a few times having no subject ever I have a real loss for ideas to post.