Wednesday, 11 April 2012


On Monday night just before deciding to head off to sleep I suddenly had the urge to go through my entire iTunes library and give it a sort out. This is of course opened my eyes so much old music that I never listen to anymore. After the clear up had finished there was well over 300 songs to be deleted....forever! This gave me a big realisation of how wide my taste in music has now developed, and more importantly how awful my music selection was over 2 years ago.

Going through the albums I noticed how many of them had not even a single play count. This brought to my attention how little I listen to my music on my laptop anymore since working full time. This is a sad fact to realise, but it was bound to happen. When i was listening to this music heavily was throughout my studies at university during essay's and coursework. Of course now in the real world I don't have longs days like those anymore sitting at home. But of course I can work back into my music collection in the evenings, as i don't choose to watch a lot of TV. 

The other time to listen to music is with my commutes to work, however this is taken up with reading books. Furthermore my iPhone is not big enough to contain my whole iTunes library, I would need the large 160GB classic iPod. Which is crazy to think the size an iPod is and only 15 years ago my first computer only contained around 1GB storage, and I remember installing and reinstalling computers to free up space. 

It's crazy to think how fast and how technology has changed in this short span in time. It will always fascinate me to think to think whats going to happen next with technology.

MH x  

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