Monday, 30 April 2012

The most productive weekend in a long time

The weekend, like most of mine was chilled, shared largely with some great productivity (I am always finding things to keep me busy). Firstly, I finally got my haircut after a long wait as I seem to always let it grow out far too long before the realisation a haircut is in order (I never learn). Secondly I had a fantastic morning shoot for Fenixx Productions on a new exciting series for YouTube.

Whilst at the hair dressers I had a slight embarrassing situtation after being sat in my chair, having the chat with the hairdresser what I would like for a cut, then the having my hair washed. I return to my chair with the hairdresser, for us to find my seat had been taken by a new customer. The hairdresser leaves me standing in the middle of a packed out hair salon with dripping wet hair with gown on, waiting for the hairdresser to sort out the situation. After a slight argument between my hairdresser and the manger the situation was resolved and this new customer was hastily moved to the last remaining free seat.

This of course was a embarrassing moment that was not needed, topped off with having a few staff members approach me and ask 'Are you okay there sir?'. As if I had just walked in off the street with wet hair looking all confused. Luckily the haircut carried on with no hick ups, and I left the salon with a nice new head of hair.

Over the last few months myself and Matthew Connell have been very busy organising together the next project for Fenixx Productions, on Sunday the day had finally come to get together and shoot the first 4 episodes of a series we are going to be part of for YouTube. At this moment in time I can't say too much about the show, all I can say is the series will be a quick fire cooking show with a difference. Stay tuned...I will of course release the first episode on this blog.

The shoot went down so well, me and Connell were extremely impressed with how professional we all were. This was helpful as the talents on the show were already well experienced in the presenting field. We had wrapped all 4 recordings by 3pm, this would certainly be the easiest filming I we have ever had for Fenixx Productions.

I cannot wait to show off this series, I am already very impressed with how it is looking. Very promising.

MH x


lettersfromlaunna said...

I always feel like I am on display at the hair dressers, I am positive I would not want to be standing in the middle of a salon with dripping wet hair, I am glad to see it worked out okay:)

Lauren said...

'As if I had just walked in off the street with wet hair looking all confused.'

Hahaha I'm actually in stitches! xx

Matthew Hoare said...

Yeah it was a horrible time, I really did feel on display!

Matthew Hoare said...

haha glad that little bit made you laugh :) xx