Thursday, 19 April 2012

Meat Liquor

Last night after previous failed attempts due to a number of reasons from me and Lauren , we finally had a meal at Meat Liquor, and it was bloody amazing.

We arrived just after 8pm expecting to find a large queue outside due to their no reservations policy. Due to our previous failed attempts we were going to queue no matter what, lucky to us last night the queue time was only 15 minutes max. This time was not so bad as you could smell the burgers cooking from kitchen. Therefore that kept me going smelling this amazing aroma of cooked meat before entering, plus there are decent outside heaters...they do care for their queueing customers.

Once we entered and were seated by a waitress I took some time to take in the interior of the restaurant. First impressions I was surprised to find how small the place was, my expectations were to find this huge restaurant packed out with customers. However the place is quite the opposite. This is not a bad thing as you get served relatively quick, and it improves on the restaurants intimacy and exclusivity.

The interior walls and ceilings are covered in fantastic strong raw art, consisting of bears, pigs, women and other various animals, which looks like were all painted by one artist (I would love to find out who the artist is). The art work accompanied by red paint spattered everywhere too look like blood mixed with the dark lighting makes you feel as if you are in a slaughterhouse, which I thought worked very well as this was great for the whole experience to the the place.

As this was my first time at the restaurant I decided on only testing the water and order simple dishes from the menu. Therefore I went for the 'Dead Hippie' burger which is a double burger with some amazing 'Dead Hippie's sauce which of course is a secreet recipe. With a bottle of 'Old Scratch' which was an a great beer and a simple portion of chips, which were spot on.

Due to the darkness of the place every photo you take
of your food in there will look like this.
Every bite of the burger my mouth was filled with great flavour, I did not want the burger to end. And unfortunately with the burger being slightly small in my opinion, this end came around quick. Therefore if I were to change only one thing...that would ask to have the burgers to be made just a little bigger.

Other than that the place is amazing, and I will definitely go back. You can tell some great care goes into making these homemade burgers, they are simply delicious. One of the best burgers I have ever tasted, and topped with the theme and experience the restaurant it makes for a great night out.

I will definitely be going more often, and I think next time I will test out the cocktail menu, which I hear is amazing. And order more of their crazy food and their blue cheese dip, which again I hear is very good.

Have you ever been to Meat Liquor?

MH x


darrenpaws said...

sounds boom, i'm going on monday!!!!

Matthew Hoare said...

It is so good mate, i want to go back already!

lettersfromlaunna said...

It sounds like it was an amazing burger:)