Friday, 27 April 2012

Film Review Friday 11 [Sherlock Holmes, 2010]

Whilst this film was in the cinemas I had only heard positive responses about it from practically every viewer. Therefore I had high expectations when I chose to watch this last night.

The opening scene kicks off with Holmes and Watson entering an area where you instincts tell you will be a crime scene, as of course that's the nature of the two characters. However they are brought into a scene with some odd spells as witch craft are taking places. Which is then transformed into a fight scene amongst Holmes, Watson and the rest of the cast, with added slow motion for dramatic affect.

Instantly you realise this is not going to be you average representation of these two classic characters. Which of course we all knew was going to happen, just by watching at the trailers and looking at the DVD cover.

The whole film plays out presentting this the strong friendship between Holmes and Watson, which I believe works well. There little jokes between each other are always nice touches. Holmes with his mad inventive clever brain solving the riddles, and Watson slowly following his path, attempting to bring Holmes back down to earth and into reality.

The aspects that most impressed and grabbed my attention throughout were the visuals. All the colours and costume design are fantastic, I could see a glimpse of Steampunk being influences throughout. Each aspect mixed with the vintage London were combined together extremely well. Holmes and Watson fitted into the environment very well, updating these two classic characters to the 21st Century.

However, I could not ignore or forgive the snappy story that was being developed. I personally thought the story could have been a little more complex with a few twist and turns, dips and dives to keep gripped to the screen of what might turn the corner for the detective duo of Sherlock and Holms.

I could not shrug off the thought in my head, that I was watching a version of classic cheese Batman and Robin TV series from the 50/60s, defending their city off from an evil enemy trying to take over the place (blah blah blah). Just with different character names and an updated radical costume design.

Or worse still, thinking I was watching an extremely high budget production with and abstract new take on the characters of Scooby Do....I mean, in this film Holmes did have a dog.

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