Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Beards are AWESOME

I love growing a good beard, and only last year I grow one for 2 months from October right up to New Years Day. I miss that is an awesome Infograph about beards created by OnlinePHD.

Sorry it takes up so much room....but you have to admit it is awesome.

A PhD in Facial Hair
Created by: Online PhD


lettersfromlaunna said...

Cute Matthew, I am one of those women who are not fond of beards, I only dated one guy where I actually liked him with a beard rather than clean shaven. I do believe it is to each his own. There are plenty of women who love a beard :)

Matthew Hoare said...

For me I like having a good bit of stubble, I always feel I look too much like a baby when clean saven.

Yeah its totally each to the other, some people just don't suit a beard.