Monday, 30 April 2012

The most productive weekend in a long time

The weekend, like most of mine was chilled, shared largely with some great productivity (I am always finding things to keep me busy). Firstly, I finally got my haircut after a long wait as I seem to always let it grow out far too long before the realisation a haircut is in order (I never learn). Secondly I had a fantastic morning shoot for Fenixx Productions on a new exciting series for YouTube.

Whilst at the hair dressers I had a slight embarrassing situtation after being sat in my chair, having the chat with the hairdresser what I would like for a cut, then the having my hair washed. I return to my chair with the hairdresser, for us to find my seat had been taken by a new customer. The hairdresser leaves me standing in the middle of a packed out hair salon with dripping wet hair with gown on, waiting for the hairdresser to sort out the situation. After a slight argument between my hairdresser and the manger the situation was resolved and this new customer was hastily moved to the last remaining free seat.

This of course was a embarrassing moment that was not needed, topped off with having a few staff members approach me and ask 'Are you okay there sir?'. As if I had just walked in off the street with wet hair looking all confused. Luckily the haircut carried on with no hick ups, and I left the salon with a nice new head of hair.

Over the last few months myself and Matthew Connell have been very busy organising together the next project for Fenixx Productions, on Sunday the day had finally come to get together and shoot the first 4 episodes of a series we are going to be part of for YouTube. At this moment in time I can't say too much about the show, all I can say is the series will be a quick fire cooking show with a difference. Stay tuned...I will of course release the first episode on this blog.

The shoot went down so well, me and Connell were extremely impressed with how professional we all were. This was helpful as the talents on the show were already well experienced in the presenting field. We had wrapped all 4 recordings by 3pm, this would certainly be the easiest filming I we have ever had for Fenixx Productions.

I cannot wait to show off this series, I am already very impressed with how it is looking. Very promising.

MH x

Friday, 27 April 2012

Film Review Friday 11 [Sherlock Holmes, 2010]

Whilst this film was in the cinemas I had only heard positive responses about it from practically every viewer. Therefore I had high expectations when I chose to watch this last night.

The opening scene kicks off with Holmes and Watson entering an area where you instincts tell you will be a crime scene, as of course that's the nature of the two characters. However they are brought into a scene with some odd spells as witch craft are taking places. Which is then transformed into a fight scene amongst Holmes, Watson and the rest of the cast, with added slow motion for dramatic affect.

Instantly you realise this is not going to be you average representation of these two classic characters. Which of course we all knew was going to happen, just by watching at the trailers and looking at the DVD cover.

The whole film plays out presentting this the strong friendship between Holmes and Watson, which I believe works well. There little jokes between each other are always nice touches. Holmes with his mad inventive clever brain solving the riddles, and Watson slowly following his path, attempting to bring Holmes back down to earth and into reality.

The aspects that most impressed and grabbed my attention throughout were the visuals. All the colours and costume design are fantastic, I could see a glimpse of Steampunk being influences throughout. Each aspect mixed with the vintage London were combined together extremely well. Holmes and Watson fitted into the environment very well, updating these two classic characters to the 21st Century.

However, I could not ignore or forgive the snappy story that was being developed. I personally thought the story could have been a little more complex with a few twist and turns, dips and dives to keep gripped to the screen of what might turn the corner for the detective duo of Sherlock and Holms.

I could not shrug off the thought in my head, that I was watching a version of classic cheese Batman and Robin TV series from the 50/60s, defending their city off from an evil enemy trying to take over the place (blah blah blah). Just with different character names and an updated radical costume design.

Or worse still, thinking I was watching an extremely high budget production with and abstract new take on the characters of Scooby Do....I mean, in this film Holmes did have a dog.

Week 10 film review

MH x

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Pulled Apart By Horses in the Live Lounge

I know I have mentioned this band many times on this blog, but they are one of my favourite bands at the moment. Therefore this gives me the right to talk about them as much I it's my blog!

On Tuesday Pulled Apart By Horses were in Radio 1s Live Lounge. They performed their latest track, Wolf a Hands (which is my favourite of their new album). Then like every other band does in the Live Lounge segment they finished with a cover. They're choice was Lana Del Ray's well known track of 2012, 'Blue Jeans'.

I have spoken about covers that have really grabbed my attention before, you may remember one of my favourites being a cover by The Maccabees. I think his cover from Pulled Apart By Horses is up with the rest of them, it's truly brilliant. The vocals and the chorus just sound great, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole performance.

Give it a listen here, let me know what you think:

On another note, I went to see Titanic 3D in the cinema, this was the first time I had EVER seen the film. I loved it a lot, such a horrible story. Never looked into the Titanic disaster, I will definitely do that sometime.

MH x 

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Beards are AWESOME

I love growing a good beard, and only last year I grow one for 2 months from October right up to New Years Day. I miss that is an awesome Infograph about beards created by OnlinePHD.

Sorry it takes up so much room....but you have to admit it is awesome.

A PhD in Facial Hair
Created by: Online PhD

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Tuesday's App Today - 'MapMyRide'

Since working in London I have been riding my bike to the train station and back every day for the quick commute. Originally I was attending the gym, however due to finances I unfortunately left. Therefore on most weekends I decided to go on longer bike rides around the area, this mainly happens around Richmond Park. When doing these rides, I wanted to keep up with my progression to see how worth while they were. Therefore I searched the app store and found, MapMyRide. This download has everything I was looking for in a personal fitness app.

The workout section to the app is incredibly easy to use, with its incredibly basic UI. A simple press on the workout section, then wait until the map finds your current location (which of course is built into the phone) click record...and off you go, of course during the ride you can listen to your music whilst it runs in the background. The most impressive part comes at the end of your ride, where you see the route plotted out onto the map, the tracker plots perfectly to where you have been. When you have a ride which is completely at random around your neighbourhood it's rather amusing to see your route all over the place making no sense whatsoever.

The app then gives out stats and figures briefly explaining how impressive your ride was (mine so far have been not so impressive). I am always finding it interesting to take note on how long my bike rides are, and how that workouts into an average speed. Of course the 'calorie burn' results are good to see, I know these are of course rough estimates, but still nice to read to how beneficial the ride was. You can share these workouts with your social networks which is a nice touch.

You can add people as friends who also have the app, where you can then go ahead and share with each other your workouts that you have achieved. However I have not looked into this too much, I did not download the app for the social side (I have enough of these), I simply downloaded the app for the personal fitness.

Finally there is a 'Live' section, where people can track your progress in real time throughout your workout. This section is very intriguing to me, however I believe (as I only have the free version) this is only available to people you are friends with inside the app. Personally this would be better if you could share this live feed out onto your social networks, and have people track your progress. Because no doubt you would have more friends or following outside this app.

The app is a great fun for anyone who has a bike and regularly goes on rides, therefore download the free version and and give it a go.

MH x

Monday, 23 April 2012

Simmstock 2012

Saturday 21st was the 3rd year for the one day festival, Simmstock at my former university ST Mary's University College. I of course attended the previous festivals, and they were both amazing due to the music, drinks flowing and the great weather. Therefore I was more than excited to come back to my former university to enjoy the 3rd Simmstock. The day before I was getting worried how the weather will act for the day, however we were all extremely lucky in not seeing a single rain drop throughout the whole day.

Before arriving to the festival, we of course started off some pre-drinking, with a generous helping of a fruit punch, which I lost track of ingredients pouring into the cauldron.

After all the drinks were consumed we headed over to St Mary's to find the festivities had already got into full swing. This year I was most impressed with their efforts to make the day feel like a real festival, the area of field was packed with people, with two bandstands, and many places to buy some good food and some attractions.

With more drinks and the music kicking off, everyone was put straight into a good mood, especially as the sun was shinning well into the sky. It was nice to see people I had not seen since graduating as well, I've always said I would use this yearly event as a way to catch up with people I don't get to see the rest of the year, and this year at Simmstock was no exception.

The whole festive day was a lot of fun, and some of the music was fantastic. The most impressive was a Motown band giving out all the classics for us all to sing and dance together. This band play every year and are a great crowd pleaser.

The end of the evening arrived, and thats when I realised how much of a good effort St Mary's had made this year for Simmstock. If this keeps happening the festival should be a great landmark event every year for the area of Twickenham, which I personally think will be a great thing to happen.

MH x

Friday, 20 April 2012

Film review Friday 10 [It Might Get Loud, 2008]

This weeks choice of watch was from Lauren, so here is her review...

This week, we watched It Might Get Loud (2008), a documentary about the electric guitar, featuring Jimmy Page, Jack White and The Edge. I'd never heard of the documentary until a friend sent me a link to a clip on YouTube where Jack White manages to make a guitar, from scratch, out of a selection of quite random objects. Since watching that clip, which is pretty awesome, we decided the documentary should make an interesting watch!

The film, by Davis Guggenheim, takes the time to look at what influenced all three of the guitarists featured to pick up their instruments, as well as seeing their techniques and how they've changed and been influenced on their musical journey. I was most looking forward to the parts with Jack White, as I've always been a fan from The White Stripes, right through to his solo material. I really love that you can hear his love of the blues in his music blah blah

The Edge. Well...where do I begin? I hate U2. I don't really know why, guess I'm not really into big egos and dad music. So, because of all these things, I can't say I was a huge fan of The Edge to begin with. I mean, I found it interesting to see how U2 had progressed over the years, but he basically revealed himself as basically being a distinctly average guitar player, who uses distortion pedals to the max. I'm aware that the documentary wasn't about how amazing the guitarists actually were, and more about the celebration of the electric guitar but hey ho.

I knew I'd like Jack White, and it was more than likely that I wouldn't be a fan of The Edge, but the biggest surprise for me was Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page. Of course, you can't deny the guy is an absolute legend, but I wasn't really sure at first. But as you watched his journey in music, and how he'd played with so many esteemed artists of his time when he first started out as a session guitarist through to his amazing career with Led Zeppelin, you can't help but have a lot of respect for him. Plus he has the best guitar face going!

I'd definitely recommend watching It Might Get Loud if you're into music, and especially any of the guitarists featured - it gives a really interesting insight into their lives and influences, which I found really interesting! Also a good watch it you want to know how to make a guitar in the wilderness! Thank god for Jack White.

Week 9 film review

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Meat Liquor

Last night after previous failed attempts due to a number of reasons from me and Lauren , we finally had a meal at Meat Liquor, and it was bloody amazing.

We arrived just after 8pm expecting to find a large queue outside due to their no reservations policy. Due to our previous failed attempts we were going to queue no matter what, lucky to us last night the queue time was only 15 minutes max. This time was not so bad as you could smell the burgers cooking from kitchen. Therefore that kept me going smelling this amazing aroma of cooked meat before entering, plus there are decent outside heaters...they do care for their queueing customers.

Once we entered and were seated by a waitress I took some time to take in the interior of the restaurant. First impressions I was surprised to find how small the place was, my expectations were to find this huge restaurant packed out with customers. However the place is quite the opposite. This is not a bad thing as you get served relatively quick, and it improves on the restaurants intimacy and exclusivity.

The interior walls and ceilings are covered in fantastic strong raw art, consisting of bears, pigs, women and other various animals, which looks like were all painted by one artist (I would love to find out who the artist is). The art work accompanied by red paint spattered everywhere too look like blood mixed with the dark lighting makes you feel as if you are in a slaughterhouse, which I thought worked very well as this was great for the whole experience to the the place.

As this was my first time at the restaurant I decided on only testing the water and order simple dishes from the menu. Therefore I went for the 'Dead Hippie' burger which is a double burger with some amazing 'Dead Hippie's sauce which of course is a secreet recipe. With a bottle of 'Old Scratch' which was an a great beer and a simple portion of chips, which were spot on.

Due to the darkness of the place every photo you take
of your food in there will look like this.
Every bite of the burger my mouth was filled with great flavour, I did not want the burger to end. And unfortunately with the burger being slightly small in my opinion, this end came around quick. Therefore if I were to change only one thing...that would ask to have the burgers to be made just a little bigger.

Other than that the place is amazing, and I will definitely go back. You can tell some great care goes into making these homemade burgers, they are simply delicious. One of the best burgers I have ever tasted, and topped with the theme and experience the restaurant it makes for a great night out.

I will definitely be going more often, and I think next time I will test out the cocktail menu, which I hear is amazing. And order more of their crazy food and their blue cheese dip, which again I hear is very good.

Have you ever been to Meat Liquor?

MH x

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Web Designing

The best internet browser!
Over the last couple of days I have been designing a website portfolio for a friend of mine, who shares common skills interests as me. Also he has helped us out with Fenixx video shoots in the past, and I am sure will help on future ones.
I haven't designed a website for a while, therefore I decided on improving my technique, and picking up some new skills that I had been meaning to learn for quite some time.

You can see the website here, which is still in early stages therefore it may have changed here and there depending on when you are choosing to look at the site.

I am really proud of how the site is looking so far, and from making this one I want to look over my own portfolio website. I tend to do this a lot changing parts here and there, I'm never fully satisfied with the website. However with these new skills I have learnt the website could now look more professional and eye catching. No doubt I will show you that soon.

Also, I randomly decided on making a little logo for Laurens blog.

MH x

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Tuesday's App Today - 'Instagram'

Instagram has only been around since 2010 and already after 2 years on the app store the user account statistics is over 30 million. These stats are staggering and it is clear to see why when you use the app. The the app has been on my iPhone for just over a year now, and its only been in the last 6 months of heavy usage that I realised how great and fun the app is.

The app has some fantastic filters for your photos, and personally the best I have seen compared to any other photo editing apps. These filters can enhance practically any photo taken with your phone, and bring out your inner photographer. Seeing these results makes you come back to the app more and more, and with making an account you have a profile for people to follow your photos, like and comment on them. Of course you can do the same back, therefore you can discover wonderful photographs taken all round the world. You can pick up inspiration from anyone, and find profiles set up specifically for a certain type of photography which you may have a common interest in. This almost makes the app a personal experience for yourself every time you open it up and begin to take photos and choose which ones to look at.

This personal experience was strong from the get go, as the app was only available on iPhones. Which was nice, as you thought you part of this exclusive club that no one else was invited to. However like most clubs everyone wants a piece of the action therefore Instagram has recently moved over to Android market, personally I think this is fine. The app is amazing and more people need to be experiencing it. Plus it would be great for the company, which still only has 13 employees.

Now onto the even bigger news for Instagram, which of course you should know about from last week. Facebook sealed a deal to buy Instagram for around $1bn (if Mark Zuckerberg looked at the app store he would discover the app was free to From the outside this looks like a huge development for Instagram. If the 'big dogs' over at Facebook want to have this app it really shows how vital their service is in the app world,  I am sure Facebook have some bright ideas up their sleeves for the app. As it kills me to admit it as you know i'm not a huge fan of Facebook...but they have had some innovative ideas in the past. (Facebook Timeline)

However, I can't stop the thought of hoping Facebook don't run ahead and ruin what Instagram have to offer, as Facebook's own app for smartphones is never working properly. And from experience this has yet to happen with the Instagram app.

Also a final thought....this worry also comes from thinking what Google did when they bought Youtube back in October 2006, as everyone knows they have ever so slightly ruined the sites experience.

Monday, 16 April 2012

The Weekend [14 + 15th April]

I want to start with my Friday, where we released the 'making of' video for the Kid Champion music video. I want to say thank you to Nathan Middleton for producing and editing this video together, its fantastic, and apologies if I look miserable/camera shy throughout.

As you can see it was good fun shooting this music video, and we look forward to shooting the next one...which is already in early stages of pre production.

Now for the rest of the weekend.

The Saturday and Sunday was spent chilling out with Lauren, as the two weekends before we spent with a lot traveling on trains, for my housemates birthday in Bournemouth then the weekend before back in my hometown, therefore we felt we deserved a quiet one this time.

Saturday we randomly decided on making a lemon cake (carrot cake was too expensive to make) and I think it was the most easiest cake I have ever made. And as you can see by the photo, it was quite successful. However, I don't think it will top the cake my great gran used to that was amazing.

Sunday carried out with being even more chilled watching a few films that were on TV (Toy Story 2, Jurassic Park 3 & Marley & Me). Oh yeah I cooked up another successful roast dinner, as you can see here. I must say I am becoming a pro.

PS. This is my 200th post on my blog, hooray! Thank you for choosing to read my posts, and I hope you continue to do so.

MH x

Friday, 13 April 2012

Film review Friday 9 [Flushed Away, 2006]

So my 'Films I haven't seen' posts are staying, however are now  renamed to 'Film review Friday'. To keep in key with my new schedule, and of course they will still be numbered and they will still be films I have not seen before.

I watched this weeks film on BBC 1 whilst enjoying the lazy bank holiday on Monday, therefore I wasn't totally focused on the film. So bare with me if the review is short and a bit vague.

'Flushed Away' tells the story of an uptown rat that gets flushed down the toilet from his penthouse apartment, ending in the sewers of London, where he has to learn a whole new and different way of life. He meets another rat called 'Rita' which of course throughs in a love story. 

The whole film is very fast paced, full of action to grab your attention. You can really tell they were aiming this film towards the child market, and this works very well. With silly jokes, and comical songs with high pitched voices from the slugs. 

What I enjoyed most about the film is the collaboration with animation company, Aardman who of course are known for the legends, 'Wallace and Gromit'. Even though the film is entirely computer generated from Dreamworks,  It was still nice to see the influence from Aardman put onto the characters facial expressions, with the signature wide mouthed smile. Also it may have just been me, but I thought the animation was produced in such away that mimicked the animated visuals you see from plasticine like in every Aardman film. Which I also thought was nice to see.

The film is a great fun packed adventure for a family viewing during the holidays, however for me I wouldn't watch it again out of choice.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

I think I've still got it....

So as you know in my blog post from yesterday I mentioned my need to get back into listening to my music collection more often, due to working full time I have really missed sitting down relaxing to some music during the day. Therefore that evening I set aside some time to simple do this for a few hours. Whilst doing this I decided to take out some colouring pens and paper, and proceeded to draw. I guess this was an influence from my Tuesday post about the app, Draw Something. (looks like my posts are slowly influencing in my routines)

Instantly I decided on choosing to draw cartoon characters, and not sounding too big headed I thought the end results were of a good standard. My theory is making that choice due to the characters being relatively easy to draw with their block colours, etc...

I'm not too sure what I am going to do with all these drawings in my sketchbook, however I really enjoyed drawing them. It was very relaxing after a day of working, therefore I will certainly be doing it more often. It will be nice to see me improve my drawing skill, and who knows maybe draw some of my own characters instead of simple copying. I of course will post the work on here.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012


On Monday night just before deciding to head off to sleep I suddenly had the urge to go through my entire iTunes library and give it a sort out. This is of course opened my eyes so much old music that I never listen to anymore. After the clear up had finished there was well over 300 songs to be deleted....forever! This gave me a big realisation of how wide my taste in music has now developed, and more importantly how awful my music selection was over 2 years ago.

Going through the albums I noticed how many of them had not even a single play count. This brought to my attention how little I listen to my music on my laptop anymore since working full time. This is a sad fact to realise, but it was bound to happen. When i was listening to this music heavily was throughout my studies at university during essay's and coursework. Of course now in the real world I don't have longs days like those anymore sitting at home. But of course I can work back into my music collection in the evenings, as i don't choose to watch a lot of TV. 

The other time to listen to music is with my commutes to work, however this is taken up with reading books. Furthermore my iPhone is not big enough to contain my whole iTunes library, I would need the large 160GB classic iPod. Which is crazy to think the size an iPod is and only 15 years ago my first computer only contained around 1GB storage, and I remember installing and reinstalling computers to free up space. 

It's crazy to think how fast and how technology has changed in this short span in time. It will always fascinate me to think to think whats going to happen next with technology.

MH x  

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Tuesdays App Today - 'Draw Something'

If you take any notice to people on their phones out and about, or you are signed up to any social networking site. You would definitely be aware of the new favourite app of the moment, 'Draw Something'. The game is simply the smartphones version of the classic family board game, 'Pictionary'.

The game is highly addictive and fun, due to a number of reasons. A majority of the time you are not continuously playing your opponent head to head, therefore you have the added anticipation to what you are going to be guessing next. The feature I enjoy most is when attempting to guess the drawing, you are forced to watch your opponents drawing in real time. This is highly amusing to see your opponent go through different attempts to reach the right drawing for the word. Mimicking the same enjoyment you see when playing the board game, 'Pictionary'. The same enjoyment happens the other way round, when watching your opponent guess your drawings, putting down ridiculous letters in a row, you can almost see the cogs turning in their head whilst guessing. Also with each game you earn coins to then buy more colours to improve the quality of your drawings to turn them into some masterpieces like these. These are great incentives for any game to keep you coming back for more, if there is something to work for.

These little touches and the simple UI makes the app to be good quick fun for when traveling, or at home having a quick game during the ad breaks on TV, or just before going to bed (but then you can be playing until the early hours). Personally I would have added a chat feature into each match, therefore you could have some banter over what poor drawings you have each been drawing. However this extra feature to the game to slow down the apps efficiency even in the free version with adverts.

The app has only been around for just over 10 weeks and has already blown up in popularity. There are some mind boggling statistics on this Mashable. For me the most impressive statistic is the app reached 1 million users in only 9 days, compared to Facebook's 1 millionth user reached after 9 months. The app is continuing to grow, which of course will then settle down and we will move onto the next fun game for smartphones.

What do you think of the app, and what should I talk about next week?

MH x

Monday, 9 April 2012

The Weekend [7 + 8th April]

I know this post is a little late, but its a Bank Holiday after all. A time to take things slow.

My weekend consisted of a plan that was booked into my diary a good few months back, it was to spend a night out in Bournemouth town to celebrate Luke's, (my housemate) birthday. The first and the last time I had a night out in Bournemouth with Luke with his mates I didn't remember much the next morning, so my expectations were again high for this evening.

We went to the Hawaiian themed bar Lola Lo, where on entry we were giving a set of flowers and leis around our necks to set us into the Hawaiian mood. The club was decked out to keep in with it's theme. Including a large (I'll admit expensive) cocktail list. This included large sharing cocktails, which my other housemate, Theresa insisted on buying one for Luke. This sharing cocktail arrived on the bar in a large wooden barrel for all of us to drink out of. It was a great sight to see us all crowded round this barrel with straws in hand sipping up all the alcohol.

Of course as the night progressed and the drinks carried on pouring we became more and more drunk. However, Luke was the worst amongst the bunch, who ended up having a little nap in the seating area.

Thankfully the morning after I had no hangover to moan about, as of recently I tend to get them quite bad. So as you would expect I was happy to realise there was no tragedy to wake up to. This great start to the morning after was lifted higher when Luke's parents were kindly enough to cook a huge fry up for all of us.

This of course set right for the remainder of the day which was spent round Lauren's grandparents house for a small Easter Sunday celebration, which was lovely. Now today our day is going to be spent in front the TV eating Easter eggs as we are both lucky enough to have the Monday off. We are planning to watch some films, however the choice on TV is not the best for a bank holiday....raiding the DVD case is in order.

I hope you had a nice Easter break.

MH x

Friday, 6 April 2012

Good Friday

You may have guest already I am not going to post a proper blog entry today, as yesterday I went through the whole day thinking it was Friday because of my day off today. So I am going to treat today as Saturday and not post a full length post.

I shall see you back on Monday.

Have a great easter break, eat lots of chocolate and enjoy the time to chill.

MH x

Thursday, 5 April 2012

A Wednesday evening

Last night I went to visit a location in Twickenham for the next music video project under Fenixx Productions. The location, and the idea we have for the video will hopefully turn out to be a real gritty piece of work. Also the location is just down from where I used to live during my studies at university, which is nice. Like previous work for Fenixx I wont go into too much detail on the project, I enjoy keeping it a secret until things get rolling...for now just get excited for it.

After the creativity had died down from looking at the location I headed into Twickenham to meet with some friends from university who I hadn't seen in a while. It was a really nice evening catching up with them, and chatting about what we are all getting up to now with our working lives.

An added bonus to the evening happened when one of our previous lectures entered the pub and came over to chat with us, and again we were telling him all the things we are now getting up to. He was really impressed with what we have all achieved since graduating (working in tv, marketing and journalism...).

It was a nice evening of reminiscing, and I should do it more often.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

More clutter on Facebook

Throughout university I really enjoyed using Facebook, it was a great method to interact with the new people I had met, and perfect for finding out the next night out and other such events. Furthermore it was a great tool to keep in touch with family and friends from back home. Following onto the introduction of Twitter I swiftly switched over and found myself logging into Facebook considerably less, only using Facebook to keep up with people back at home. I felt I succeeded to found all my friends and family on there, and now the site was getting filled with content that was not necessary, therefore I only logged in when I needed to make contact with someone, or someone contacted me.

Over the last few months I have discovered the content that is not necessary has increased dramatically. I find posts on my timeline explaining someone has read a certain article, and then explaining elsewhere another person chose these words on game the, 'Word With Friends' - I really do not think these updates are necessary to be on my timeline.

Furthermore yesterday I read the article on Mashable about Tumblr integrating Facebook's timeline with updates getting fed through from Tumblr post straight onto your Timeline. That is fine due to it being better read these posts rather than what strategy is being used on games. However not only Tumblr posts but likes and replies on other posts will be fed from Tumblr to your timeline.

All these integrations to Facebook are becoming ridiculous, these moments I decide to log into Facebook and check up on my friends I find myself digging through all the feeds from elsewhere just to find a status from a friend which 9 times out of 10 turns out to not be that important.

This looks like Facebook is turning into a 24/7 RSS Feed updating what you are doing elsewhere outside Facebook, and taking the site away from the original idea to help connect with friends, which it used to do very well 3 years ago.

There is just far too much clutter.

MH x

PS. My new schedule will start from Monday 9th April

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


I pushed myself back into posting on this blog at the beginning of the year, and set myself a new years resolution to post everyday. Of course this was swiftly changed to post every weekday. Surprisingly, without fail this has happened (with the short downtime when I went to New York).

I have throughly enjoyed posting regularly on this blog, and I believe my writing technique has improved, and setting myself this target to post everyday has been good for my organisation. (this was the main goal behind the idea)

However, over the last few weeks I have come to realise my blog does not have a definite style/genre to bring back the readers. I tend to post whatever feel like posting on that day, which is fine. But does not give the reader an expectation when stumbling across this blog. Therefore, from now on I am going to try and stick to a weekly structure. This will benefit the reader and also myself, as sometimes I struggle what to post, resulting in weak posts. The weekly structure is early days, and of course could change whenever...this is my blog after all.

The week structure is not completed, but this what I have drawn up so far;

 - Monday 'The Weekend'
During the start of the year I used Monday posts to recap what I got to up to during the weekend. I think this was effective if I had an eventual two days. Therefore I shall carry this on.

- Tuesday 'Tuesdays App Today'
During down time at work I read a lot of news sites specific to tech and social media, I have an iPhone full of apps and enjoy discovering new ones just starting out. When I find these I shall give my opinions, and have readers submit apps I should look at.

- Wednesday 'No idea'
Currently still working on a plan for this day.

- Thursday 'No idea 2'
Currently still working on a plan for this day also.

- Friday 'Film Review Friday'
Another one of my resolutions this year was to watch a film (new or old) I have not seen once a week. Fridays is a good day to post the review.

Like I said this structure is not set in stone, it could change here and there. But I think this will be a decent structure to stick to and will hopefully bring people back due to knowing what to expect to find. I hope your also interested in this structure, and If you have suggestions for the blank days please let me know.

MH x

Monday, 2 April 2012

The Weekend [31 March- 1 April]

The weekend was a well deserved trip back down to my hometown to visit my parents, which turned out to be really nice relaxing.

First stop was my mums as I had the dentist the previous day (Friday), which is just down the road from her. All I can say about the appointment was the ridiculous cost. But I guess it is needed, as it's vital to look after your teeth. I don't want a false set before I'm 35.

The following day (Saturday) was spent catching up and chilling in front the TV at my mums. We watched a few episode of my mums childhood favourite show, 'The Waltons.
'They don't make TV like they used to...' She didn't say that, but that's what I was thinking.
It was a shame about the weather, as we could have gone for a walk or something to spread out the day. I could have taken Lauren out around the area, perhaps shown her where I went to school.

The Sunday was spent at my dads, and to be honest I was looking forward to seeing most was his dog again, just over a month ago he got a nice golden labrador named 'Breacon'. Throughout my life I have always not been too fond of dog dogs, I have always preferred cats. However ever since meeting Lauren this opinion has changed. Due to having her own dog, and herself being a great lover of them.

So seeing my dad with a puppy is quite nice. Breacon has not grown too much since me and Lauren last visited him, and he is still very playful. I think he is going to grow up to be a handsome friendly dog.

The whole weekend was lovely, and I really should do it more often that I now have weekends free thanks to my new job.

MH x