Friday, 30 March 2012

Weekend Plans

This weekend I am going to head back to my hometown for a nice catch up with my parents. It has been just over a month since the last time I made my journey down, which I think is my personal best. Throughout my studies at university these gaps of visiting back home would be around 6 months or so, due to 'studying', money issues and of course the pit of doom working at retail with never having the chance to have a weekend off.

However now I have graduated and working full time at th1ng I have weekends off, giving me this Monday - Friday lifestyle. Its fantastic I have always wanted weekends off. Now with an added bonus, Lauren has started working at Just Great Wine for the social marketing side of the company giving her weekends off as well. Therefore I am going to take advantage of this and make journeys back home more often, it is always nice to having these catch ups. And now with the summer months approaching its prime opportunity for nice relaxing weekends, with BBQs and whatever takes your fancy.

I 'll let you know about it all on Monday.

MH x