Monday, 5 March 2012

State Bicycle poster contest

If you follow me on Twitter and Tumblr or even friends with me on Facebook, you would probably know by now I have entered a submission to the State Bicycle Poster Contest.

Here is my entry....
Could you please be so kind and click the link or the poster and simply click like. The poster with the most likes on 8th March will be declared the winner of the contest and will receive a FREE bike from State Bicycle. However judging by the amount of likes I can see on a few other poster entries I'm not going to get first prize, there is of course runners up prizes, so with your help I could claim one of those prizes.

I will be so greatful if you took the three seconds it takes to click the link and like my entry, thank you!

MH x


Felix Stendahl said...

So did you get the runners up prize? Win or lose, you made a pretty good effort for the contest. The design itself is simple, but the colors mesh well with each other nicely. Who knows? Maybe next year, or in another contest, you'll get a design to win. So far, you've made a good attempt, so keep working hard!

Matthew Hoare said...

Unforunately I didn't make the runners up prize. Thank you for those kind words though, really appreciate it when people take time out to make some constructive reasons why to like something.

I would love to find more contests like this, I had a lot of fun making the design.