Friday, 23 March 2012

Pure Bloggers

A few weeks back I some how stumbled across the relatively new growing website, The website is a simple idea and of course you can get from the title the site is a social nework designed specifically for fellow bloggers like myself.

The layout to this site is very straight forward, due its strong likeness to Facebook. You create your profile just like any other social networking site, and post updates about whatever you want. Whether thats choosing to promote your blog or simply connecting with other bloggers...the choice is yours.

I have chosen to use the website for promoting my own blog, as I am always looking to widen my audience. The website has a separate forum section, which would be seen as 'old fashioned' in the internet world. However another this is another great place for promotion and discussion. Therefore I have a started threads on their for my blog and Stupid Customers.

If you are a regularly blogger or perhaps just starting out, and wanting to find more people with similar interests to you in the blogging world, then I strongly suggest you join and put in some time to this site. It will be worth while.

I have to say I don't tend to communicate too much on the site, rather use the website as a feed for my blogs through the two threads on the forum. But I believe this is okay, everyone is free to participate in some harmless promotion, it's not like I am spamming the site with my content. And I think I have gained a every so slightly bigger readership from this.

MH x

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