Tuesday, 27 March 2012


The new website Pinterest started off back in March 2010 and already the site has blown up in popularity as being the next big micro blogging site...and I can see why. I have only made my account yesterday and already I am loving it.

At first glance you would say the sit is similar to Tumblr, however on closer inspection you can really get to grips with how different and clever the site is.

First off your profile will have categories which Pinterest call Boards. I personally think these are ideal for these  micro blogging sites, as they always fast paced, resulting in missing the rare and interesting posts.

Take my profile for example. You can instantly see what board would interest you and click straight into them to see an endless stream of things linked to that named board...perfect! 

Furthermore you don't have to follow everything someone decides to Pin to their profile and boards, because lets face it not everything will be to your interest on Pinterest. Just like some of the crap you can find cluttering your dashboard on Tumblr. Instead you can choose which board to follow or unfollow within this persons profile with no fuss or confusion...again....perfect! 

Finally the 'Pin It' bookmark you can add to your bookmark bar in any browser is very simple and clever to use, making it easy to find any webpage you find you stumble across to instantly pin onto one of your boards. 

I could go on for several more paragraphs explaining why I find this site is so brilliant. Put it this way, Pinterest have got it spot on, all the things you wish were on other sites like Tumblr they have it and they all work together so well with no hassle. 

If you have been interested (excuse the pun) with the site, then I suggest you sign up today. 

And then of course don't forget to follow me ;) 

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