Thursday, 8 March 2012

The new iPad

During the Apple Keynote presentation about the new iPad release I was on a train traveling home from work. With only the use of searching through Twitter on my iPhone to work out what was happening during the presentation.

I have just watched the video on explaining all the new features for this iPad. My thoughts are now fresh in my mind to type out on this blog post before I go to bed, for you to be reading today (Thursday 8th).

My opinion (take it or leave it) on this update is the same to what I had for the iPhone 4S release. I am happy with my iPhone 4, and I am not desperate for the 4S, I shall quite happily wait for the iPhone 5. I don't have an iPad, however if I did my thoughts would be the same, waiting for next generation iPad.

Don't get me wrong these new features for the iPad are incredible, however if you just put them on paper you can clearly see its nice updates to make the performance better. You could still be perfectly happy with an iPad 2 (and more money in your back pocket).

Although I was certainly blown away with announcement of Apple now producing the A5X, of course making the A5 chip out of date. I am now thinking Apples possibilities are endless, they can never stop updating their softwares capability. Furthermore this brings me back to my first thoughts, if Apple can simply release a new chip like there is no tomorrow, then they must have these updates all stored in the

After looking through all the specifications for the new iPad my exciting for the iPhone 5 is now even stronger, as the device will no doubt include 4G similar to iPad..

...and that is worth waiting for.

MH x

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