Friday, 16 March 2012

The Maccabees in Radio Ones live lounge 2012

Every morning I wake up to Radio 1, due to my shifts at this week shifts at work I have been listening to some of Fearne Cottons show. Before I left the house I heard her announce The Maccabees will be performing in the live lounge later in the day. Of course I had to wait until returning home to hear their performance.

I have just listened to the performances, and was very impressed. Their rendition of 'Feel The Follow' was fantastic, they chose not to strip down the song for live lounge which could have been nice, however this did not ruin the performance. Hearing the rawness of the track sounded great, getting a feel for each element in the song fused together gave this a fantastic listen.

Before hearing 'Feel The Follow' I was already looking forward to their cover as it was 'Lonely Boy' from The Black Keys. I am a huge fan of The Black Keys so this was the fuel for my excitement to hear it. Unfortunately I have to be honest that the cover did not blow me away compared to their previous own track. I liked how the band chose to transfer the cover into their own unique sound, which they achieved very well. However I thought giving this sound to the track brought it away from the original too much, making it a difficult listen. Let me know what you think after giving it a listen yourself;

My favourite cover track from The Maccabees will always be their version of 'Were Walking In The Air' If you have never heard this cover and like The Maccabees, then I strongly suggest you listen to it now.

MH x

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