Monday, 19 March 2012

Loving the bandwagon

Yesterday my first Graze box arrived on my doormat, it was a day late but that's okay. To be honest after looking through the vast selection of snacks on the website, the anticipation of not knowing what I was going to receive was quite fun, and I have to say for a first delivery Graze did not disappoint.

My first box consisted of;
- Biscuits with some chutney
- Assorted olives
- Large cranberry biscuit of some kind
- Apple and cinnamon flap jack

So far I have only eaten the flapjack which was amazing, possibly best I've had. So I shall be ticking that on my personal profile to get delivered again.

The rest will be taken with me each day to work to help improve my budget lunch, and at £3 something a week for 4 snacks, that's not too bad. The Graze boxes are a great idea to be trying something new, and by the looks of things the food is good quality.

If you have no idea what I am posting about check out their site;

And if you are interested and want to start receiving these boxes, use this code to get your first one free:

MH x 


gossipguy17 said...

I'm curious. If you still have the box, check down the back slot, behind the tray. Is there a message? My friend leaves some sometimes haha

MatthewHoare said...

Thats box said 'ellie loves strawberries' or something like that!

gossipguy17 said...

Haha, yeah that's Ellie, my oldest friend =P She's their designer. I know she does some that just say "Ellie was here".

MatthewHoare said...

Wow thats awesome, I bet she loves the job. I'd love to work for a small start up company like this!