Thursday, 29 March 2012

Little help over here

I may have mentioned this before, so I apologise in advance if this blog post doesn't interest you. But I do need some help with this.

I have a second blog called Stupid Customers where I regularly post public submitted stories about customers in the work place who have been really stupid (clues in the title). Some of the stories are real funny, and I always enjoy reading them. I just love stupidity in people.

The site has been going for around 6 months now, where I have been able to post a new story every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. However these submissions are getting close to running out.

Therefore as my blog readers this is where you come in. Could you be so kind and head over to the blog read through some stories, have a little giggle over them. Then send in a submission or two to this addres;

I am sure some of you currently work or have worked with customers. Therefore you must have some amusing Stupid Customer stories at the back of your mind. Or if you know someone who would have stories to ask them. This would all be a great help, as I would love to keep the blog going for as long as I can.

Also if you are interested I may been looking to get some illustrators involved with the blog. Let me know if this would be an interested to you....

MH x

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