Thursday, 15 March 2012

Jumping on the Graze bandwagon

Yesterday was a very busy day in the office, therefore I could not find time to sort out a blog post for first thing this morning. I do apologise, but I think this the first slip up since restarting the blog on 1st not too bad!

I hope you all got a free a Latte from Starbucks yesterday to celebrate their birthday. I certainly got mine, and whilst riding on my bike back to the station with drink in hand to head off to work I managed to spill half up my sleeve and onto my bike. No doubt looked like a right idiot.

Yesterday I also participated in setting up an account and receiving a freebie from Graze. I have seen this idea explode all over the internet. To naturally I wanted to get involved to see what all the hype is about. My first box of snacks will be delivered tomorrow, I am looking forward to this mystery of what snacks I shall receive. Today when I have time I shall be choosing what snacks like and hate.

If you want a free box use this code: PWN77ML

Today at the office I am helping out with a casting for a new advert, which involves children from the age of  7 - 9, this shall be very interesting to control. I will be on camera, so a prime opportunity to show off some skills.

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