Friday, 9 March 2012

HMV have got advertising spot on

Last night after finishing work I took my usual walk home passed all the shops down Oxford Street, only this time I arrived to HMV and had to stop.  I saw an advertising stunt being played out for the DVD release of Contagion.

I looked over and saw 3 men dressed in biohazard suits informing the public to step away out of harm, and instantly I knew this was staged. On closer inspection I saw in the HMV display window a man sat in a chair getting interrogated by two more men in biohazard suits, the man was pleading for the public to get involved to help him escape the interrogation. I have to admit, this did fool me for a split second, the acting was very plausible, the man looked generally annoyed with what was happening to him. I went on to thing he was a member of the public who had been picked up by the actors to be involved with show, however being very reluctant in just wanting to go home. Of course this was not the case.

Throughout watching this I did what all the other members of public were doing, and took my phone out to start recording. Unfortunately the footage isn't that great, but I'm sure you get the idea.

I just thought this publicity stunt was done perfectly, and I think it should be done more often. A large crowd quickly emerged infront of the shop to see what was going on, and it was highly entertaining to watch for a few minutes before heading on elsewhere.

I think from seeing this stunt I will take the time out and watch the film, which of course is an ultimate success for the advertising campaign.

MH x

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