Thursday, 22 March 2012

The best things in life are free...

We are approaching the end of the first quarter of the year and already its turning out to be a great one for me, due to numerous reasons. Including 3 things that have happened quite recently.

Last week (14th March) I picked up a small freebie from Starbucks like practically everyone else the Tall Latte for their birthday. So that put me in a good mood for that day...and why not the rest of the week.

Tuesday night (20th March) was an epic night with special thanks to Lauren for snapping up 2 free tickets from a competition with The Fly. We went to see my favourite band of the moment, Pull Apart By Horses at Borderline in Soho. The gig was a small intimate show, which I have to say was the best time I have ever seen them.

Now to tip it over the scale of awesomeness, Lauren has gone and found something else we can do for free. She has booked us in for one of the free tickets to Disneyland Paris with thanks to Sky. We have booked a weekend in August, so hopefully the weather is going to be nice. Already we are both extremely excited, we are going to be big kids when we arrive. I remember last time I went there on a college trip just over 3 years ago being a big kid with all my classmates.

So I guess it is true what they say...all things come in threes.

MH x


Lauren said...

Wow, your girlfriend sounds amazing!

MatthewHoare said...

She's the best!