Tuesday, 20 March 2012

And I didn't even eat cheese before bed

Sunday night I had a crazy dream which I guess you could class as a nightmare....I look about 8 years old now, thankfully I did not wake up startled dripping in sweat.
The dream started off with me walking down a built up street approaching a house, which I can only guess was to meet a couple of friends. Soon as I arrived and knocked at the front door the dream was shifted into a cheesy low budget nonsense horror/thriller. 

Across from the front garden a few houses down a loud shout from an unknown voice was heard. I turned to looked over to investigate and straight away debris started to fly into my direction, not the simple dirt and other such objects, but considerably large pieces of rock and stone. For some obscure reason the man was throwing these rocks at the house I was going to enter. My instinct was of course to leave the area immediately. 

From moving away from the house, the man proceeded to move closer and closer, whilst growing in size. He was starting to look more like a giant upon his arrival, plus the rocks he was throwing were increasing in size turning into bolders. This is where the dream shifted into its next act of strangeness. 

Up the hill from where I was planning my escape tigers (bare with me...) started appearing in the distance, running towards me. My eagerness to leave the area of course increased giving more of a scare. My first instinct was to run to a near by house to get indoors for cover. I rushed over to the first house I could see with the lights switched on and began hammering my fist on the door waiting for a response. 

This is where the dream stopped and I woke up. A little horrified with what just happened. 

The whole dream was so unexpected, and like most of my dreams so vivid....not very pleasant.

MH x 

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