Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Who is Paul McCartney?

As you all know (unless you live in a little cave) the 54th Grammys award show was on Sunday 12th February. And to start this post off I have to give my congratulations to Adele for picking up all her well deserved awards.

However there is a small issue I discovered yesterday through my daily surfing on Tumblr. I discovered people were of course Tweeting throughout the ceremony with their opinions...however a majority of people during Sir Paul McCartney's performance were asking who he was.


Initially after seeing this, I thought the situation was rather funny. Which then swiftly turned into anger, as I could not believe these young teenagers had no clue who this living legend was. They are sat watching his performance whilst on their computers or smartphones, they could at least searched his name before Tweeting, I should hope they have realised who he is after that search.

Personally I would not call myself fan of the guy, but that does not stop me from respecting him, purely because of his background in music, and what the band did to shape the music we hear and love today. I just could not believe these teenagers went ahead to Tweet all this hate and confusion to who he was, whilst at the same time their own music icons seated at the ceremony were witnessing their hero on the stage who gave the influence to their 'talent' (the term is used loosely there).

These current fans of music need to open their minds and do their research to see where today's music really comes from, It is certain you can hear the influences from the past. If these current fans were to listen to the past music they may learn something, and perhaps hear some 'real music'

Then Lauren turned me towards another Tumblr Page which resulted in my anger towards these people grow even more. They would not know what real talent is if it was staring them right in their face, the music they enjoy is not telling a story, and has no purpose and ultimately easily forgettable.

Sorry that was an angry moment for me, glad I took this time wrote it all down on here (that is one of the purposes for the blog).

What is your thoughts?

MH x


ester goldberg said...

I loved what you wrote! and respect your opinion about ..not your cup of tea..but the respect of what he and the Beatles did for music

MatthewHoare said...

Thank you!