Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Week 5 film I haven't seen [Driver, 2011]

The on board flight entertainment to New York last week of course consisted a selection of films, one of which was 'Drive' which me and Lauren managed managed to miss at the cinema. Therefore it was a clear choice for watching, however due to our early alarm for the flight and everything we both fell asleep half way through, so I apologise now this review is going to be short.

The storyline did result in being missed ever so slightly once I had woken, although I manage to work out the foundations of it; a stuntman / getaway driver, helping a family through trouble in crime.

I thought the story was original enough, as this put a different spin on the stories backbone, which we may have seen time and time again.

The visuals and soundtrack did grab me the most throughout the film. I enjoyed the 80s vibe the film was portraying with the, costumes, the bright and dark 80s colouring. Finished with neon lights and bling.

They all gelled together perfectly, it was beautiful to watch. I particular enjoyed the opening sequence which I do believe consisted of no dialogue, which worked considerably well as an opener. Leading you in to a film that surprisingly pans out to be a considerable dark (in genre).

I finished watching the film just wanting to run around and drive a few hours on the hit game, GTA Vice City.

Which I wouldn't say is a bad thing.

One year I was on a commercial flight, and 'The Day After Tomorrow' was a viewing option. Which I thought was a terrible choice...

What ridiculous choices have you seen for on board flight films?

Week 3 film review

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