Thursday, 16 February 2012

Stop buying Kindles

This morning I was going about with my usual business heading into central London to start my working day. I hopped onto the tube at Vauxhall, where a man stands next to me reading his bloody Kindle, then at a later stop another man hopped on and stood the other side of me clutching a Kindle with his eyes glued into his reading.

All of a sudden I felt this urge to kick both Kindles of out their hands...

I presume the Kindle has been around for a few years now, and to be honest they are a decent piece of technology. The size and weight of them is fantastic. However, it just not the same to reading a physical book. 

I understand it looks the same to reading a real book, with the ink on paper looking display. But that is all your looking at, you miss so much more compared to reading a physical book. The cover artwork, the smell for the pages, looking ahead to the next chapter, the weight of the book, flicking through the pages...the list is endless.

I just find its horrible seeing all these people sitting there on the trains and tubes reading through their Kindles, and no one can look over and be like "Hmm... never read that before, I might get that" Or... "I have read that! he made a wise choice" - All you see is people holding grey pieces of plastic in their hands.

I know the whole 'We hate Kindles' thing has been around for a while now, and I am a bit late to be jumping on this band wagon. Only this morning it finally got to me.

Whats your thoughts on the Kindle?

MH x 


DonRicci said...

My only thoughts are that I am legitimately worried that someone is going to punch my Kindle into my face and run away someday and I will be legitimately seriously injured and also out a Kindle that I can't afford to replace.
"However, it just not the same to reading a psyhical book." There are two typos in that sentence. I just noticed.
Anyway, on with my comment.
I love my Kindle, really.
Actually I just noticed you mistyped physical EVERY time you typed it.
Maybe this is telling, hm... But really, it's great. Don't knock it 'til you've tried it, and if you try and don't like it, SHUT UP ABOUT IT. Nobody is forcing you to get one.
TBH I didn't notice any difference between reading on my Kindle and reading on paper except my wrist and back problems stopped being as bad and also I stopped dropping it on my foot (WHICH HURT, seriously have you ever dropped a dictionary on your foot?), and I read a ton more than I did before now.
People keep going on about this 'book smell' and I don't understand. What book smell? I have a fairly keen sense of smell and I have never managed to smell this 'book smell' you are speaking of. *shrug* All my books just smell like tea and mouse (and yes, I do mean the rodent).
I think your comment about looking over and seeing what you're reading hits the whole issue pretty hard as I'm convinced that at least half of the people who don't like eBooks only don't like them because you can no longer harshly judge someone for what they're reading. I've never liked people to see what I'm reading. And my Kindle doesn't even look grey, I got a skin for it so now it's all shiny and colorful and it goes everywhere with me... Also it's never run out of battery and I've had it for the better part of a year.
Just saying, the benefits waaaaay outweigh the drawbacks for me.
*shrug* You asked for my thoughts. Actually I was just browsing the Kindle tag on Tumblr and saw your post and wanted to see what stupid, mindless argument this hater was putting out, and if it was identical to all the others (it pretty much was, except you get points for not saying 'real book').
I just browse the Kindle tag for kicks really, though. And then I weep for humanity because I can take out every anti-eReader argument pretty easily.

Aran said...

I prefer physical books, but I read a lot of books. I like this "decent piece of technology" because I save a lot of money and space at home:)