Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Todays post is going to be a short one, I thought I would post some of the response received from my post about the Kindle, after posting a link to it on Tumblr.

1. 'Just as I was about to complain the Kindle tag has been short on pretentious bollocks recently…'

2. 'I really don’t understand the whole “I wanted to kick/slap their Kindles out of their hands” sentiment. I am reading a goddamn book, and I can do it however and in whatever medium I please. Get off your high horse and read your own paper pages instead of seething at what other people do. Also, I happen to like the “anonymity” of the books I read, because if I’m reading, it really means I have no interest in being accosted by someone else who’s had a sudden thought about a particular novel that they’d like to share with me. Leave me alone and mind your own business.
Also, if you touch my property in any way, I am punching you in the face. It’s only fair.'

3. 'You can’t hide a gun in a Kindle. Nor, indeed, open a secret passage or prop up a wonky table with one.'

I also received a nice bias response on the actual blog post

All interesting thoughts...! But I am still standing my ground with the dislike towards the Kindle, it just doesn't feel the right way to read a book. All that effort to write a book into all these many pages crammed into a small gadget..... No thank you!

MH x

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