Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Pulled Apart By Horses 'Tough Love' [REVIEW]

In 2009 I was on work experience with Rockfeedback TV and was lucky enough to be cameraman on a Pulled Apart By Horses viral video shoot for XBOX Reverb. Since the shoot, I have been a huge fan of these lads, and have seen them live a number of times. Which will also include seeing them at London, Electric Ballroom in February.

I love and have never got bored of their debut self titled album. So its understandable I was happy to hear they were back in the studio last year and was eager to get hold of the release of 'Tough Love'

Just like their debut album, I don't think I will get bored of this second album. They have developed a new sound, and I will be hesitant to say its a little softer than the first album, but it's still amazing and hard hitting. The album is full of punching riffs which you can't help but nod your head in sync with the rolling drums from Lee Vincent.

Going back to the new sound, its clear to hear Tom Hudson has changed his raw vocals from the rock/gothic/punk sound of the first album. However I think I love these new vocals more,  they compliments well with the big riffs from the guitars, with their now more metal influence which is a nice development for them. Better still you can hear Toms vocals more clearly, which is great. As you can hear some for comical vocals.

At the moment my favourite track is 'Wolf Hand'. Its a good example of the all the new developments of the band; new guitar, vocals and drum sounds. Concluding the bigger beefier sound from the band as a whole, and of course the bands comical vocals. Finally like the first album, there are still segments of songs you find your rewinding back to hear over and over again. Reinforcing how you can not get bored of the album.

It just fantastic, don't hesitate and buy the album now.

MH x

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